Thursday, August 30, 2012

the size of my oven

This week Stephen has been attending orientation with the rest of the UW medical students. All 220 something of them. The students are then divided up into six separate "colleges" for more personal and one on one time with a mentor. The night before last there was a potluck dinner for Stephen's college group and we got to meet a whole lot of students not from Alaska. Telling new people that I'm pregnant is always fun, everyone loves babies so you get a lot of smiles and 'congratulations' and looks. Right at my belly. It's like the first thing people do when they hear the word 'pregnant', make a super awkward glance at my belly and then back at my face with that 'oh my gosh, you just saw me take a peak at your belly' look on their face. Awkward. Especially because I don't really look pregnant yet. Then they keep taking peaks throughout the conversation like they're trying to tell if we're telling the truth! Awkward! So! Last night at the student picnic I tired my hardest to look pregnant. Yes, I have a small bump, but in a tshirt and jeans you'd just think I added a couple pounds or ate too much. So I put on a more form fitting dress and showed off the baby with a belt. Surely no one would think I was displaying weight gain like that... It has to be a baby. And much to my happiness, I got fewer awkward looks! I officially look pregnant!

Another plus of the night was getting to see all the Alaskan students I haven't seen since May! Stephen's been getting to catch up with them over the last few days at orientation, but I had yet to see the people he'd spent so much time with last year. Jenny has since gotten married and another student is flying back to Alaska to get married this weekend! Congratulations to you both! :) I wish I could still play class mom and bring them cookies and muffins after tests, but with 200 more students in the mix...?! My oven's not that big!

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