Sunday, July 20, 2014

three years later

Years one (pregnant in Alabama), two (new to Boise with a 5 month old at home) and three. 

This year for our anniversary, we (and by "we" I mean Stephen) got tickets to see Les Miserables at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, picnic dinner in the setting sun and all. It was perfect. The two of us didn't know squat about Les Mis before hand, but still, were blown away by the performance and the story. We were both so surprised by the Christian theme throughout the story and loved that it played such a strong role. It was incredible, and for those in the area, I highly recommend it. Now, we're half way through the movie (because neither of us can keep our eyes open past ten). Consider us fans. 

That was Saturday night, while our actual anniversary was Friday, which was spent splashing in the pool in our front yard with our (almost) 18 month old - maybe even more perfect, maybe ;)

How lucky am I to be so happy, three years later. And I know, in the long scheme of things three years will be a blink of an eye, but for us, right now, three years is huge. Three years married... So much has happened in the last three years that at a quick thought, I don't know how we fit it all in. But, at the same time, it seems like we've been married forever, in the best way possible. A little while ago, an ex-boyfriend of mine got engaged (congratulations!) and I kept thinking how that could have been me, how it almost was me... But I'm here instead, with Stephen and Uriah, and I couldn't get over how happy I am that it wasn't me, that this was my destiny instead, that this was God's plan for my life. He knew better than I what I needed and wanted and I am so thankful He brought Stephen and I together and that through us He has created this life that we get to share with our son. You guys...! How perfect is He?! 

And, how perfect is that man I married?! {enter heart eyes emojicon}

Monday, July 14, 2014

Si & Ez Threads Giveaway

Today, I have a special treat for you! My friend Megan (whom I introduced to you in this post) is hosting a giveaway with Si & Ez Threads and has asked me to help spread the word about this amazing company and opportunity!
Megan first found Si & Ez Threads through Instagram and immediately fell in love with their shirts. As did I, when she set their information my way! The mom and dad behind this company started their shop because they loved dressing their boys, Silas and Ezra, in clothes that speak their destiny over them. How great is that, right?! And not only are their designs positive and oh so cute, but Si & Ez Threads gives back 10% of all they make to the community, so it's a product with a purpose.

To win one of these adorable shirts for your little (or any other shirt from their website - there are shirts for you, too!) fist check out the other beautiful bloggers hosting this giveaway...

Notes from the Nelsons
Maddie Moes

Then head over to Megan's blog, m for love, to enter your name in the rafflecopter! (which should also be here on my page, but I've tried every YouTube tutorial and Google suggestion and nothing will make that dang code show up!)

One winner will be chosen and announced next Monday, but if you can't wait to snatch up these tees, Si & Ez Threads is offering 15% off all their products through the end of July with the checkout code SIEZ15.

Good luck and happy Monday!

Friday, July 11, 2014

three years married

36 months
156 weeks
1,095 days
26,297 hours 
94,608,000 seconds

three moves
four states
four homes
one dining room table
three cars
three years of medical school
four jobs
five book series 
one summer vacation
zero pets
one baby
three years married

and I wouldn't change a single thing

for forever and a day,
with all my heart...
i love you, stephen

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

our 4th of July weekend

Day one
^^ You guys...! My nephews are the cutest ^^
^^ The babes were constantly sporting just diapers, if that, and little naked babes on a beach?! It doesn't get better ^^
^^ Fireworks in Alaska are pretty nonexistent, but we gave 'em a shot! So crazy that the sun never sets...?! It's hard to adjust to come bed time, but gosh it's so pretty! ^^
^^ Brothers on the catamaran and sisters on the sail boat! ^^

Day two
^^ Many attempts at a family selfie! Uriah was not willing to participate, clearly ^^
^^ I was laying out in the sun and this chunk decided he wanted to sit right on my belly and block my sun. But, I didn't mind. My belly's still white, but I got lots of kisses out of the deal ^^
^^ Cousins throwing rocks into the water from the raft! If he wasn't eating, Uriah was in the water! ^^
^^ Future pilots! ^^

Our trip to Alaska was easily our best one yet, and we were so happy and lucky to top the week off with two days at Harding Lake. I'd never been, but the whole Wall clan had memories of summer days and nights spent out on the lake, so it was fun to hear their stories and share it with them this time around. The trip was Aaron and Rosie's idea and I just can't thank them enough for hosting us! Uriah, of course, loved the water and spent most of his time in the shallows tossing rocks. He also loved Pa's airplane, which Jeff flew out to the lake on Saturday. He's been obsessed with them ever since! I loved the sun and heat and the company most! Though going out on the sail boat with my sisters is up there on the list of best moments. It's not often the three of us get together sans husbands or babies. There was volleyball and botchy ball and sand castles and lots of snacks and barbecuing and jet skiing (which I tried! I've been on plenty of jet skis, but this was my first attempt at a stand up one and it is hard!) Lots of laughter and pictures, too. We left Alaska with tan lines and happy memories (we'll just skip over the "not enough life jackets on the sail boat" ticket the brothers got right at the end there ;) Happy birthday, America!