So, this is the part where I try to make you think I'm interesting, quirky and unique, and yet, totally relatable at the same time. Funny would also probably score some brownie points here, too, but I'm not funny, so... Moving on.

I'm Allison.

I am in constant need of Jesus' never ending grace. (Which basically sums me up, but for the sake of interest, I'll keep going.) My relationship with Jesus is constantly changing and growing and I hope more than anything else you see His light and love show up through the words in this blog. To read the story of my faith, click here.

I married the tallest most humble man I've ever met - the "him" in "him & HER & them". He has a lot of other really great qualities but I'll spare you the heart eyes if you just trust me on this: he's as good as it gets. He's also a doctor, and you'll probably read lots about that lifestyle in these here blog posts. To read our love story, click here.

I stay at home with two littles - Uriah, who is four and insanely smart, insanely silly and insanely stubborn and Ezra, who is two and nine times out of ten, happy, content and smiling. If they keep coming out as sweet and cute we're going to have ten more. To read Uriah's birth story, click here, and Ezra's, here

My favorite food is cereal.

I'm a perpetual over-exaggerator and I tend to think in metaphors.

I like my movies funny and my music country.

I have an irrational fear of birds and bridges.

I can recite every line from every 'Friends' episode ever made. Which is both impressive and embarrassing.

I'm a slightly compulsive neat freak when it comes to everything but the bathroom.

For the most part, I just want to eat a lot of cake, wear clothes I can't afford and spend all my spare time at the ocean.

I have a new and sort of undeveloped desire to write things - my thoughts, feelings and adventures regarding motherhood, marriage, residency life and living it all as a Christian woman. So, that's where we are now - Welcome! I hope you find a little piece of yourself in here somewhere and continue to come back for more. To read more about this blog, both past and present, click here.


  1. loving the blog redesign and this awesome bio love! I too just wanna eat cake and eat clothes i can't afford #soulmate ;)

    1. Gosh, wouldn't that be nice?! I'm actually eating cake as I type this... Wanna come over?!

  2. Love you, sweet friend! AND loving the new blog design! Oh, and you are funny BTW ;)

    1. Occasionally ;) Thank you, though, Megan! So happy to be apart of this blogging world with YOU!!