Wednesday, June 15, 2016


It's half way through June so, naturally, I have a May blog update to post. 15 days late... Oops! May was a month of visitors for us, happily so! With the ever present park dates, beach days, shopping trips and play dates. Add in a weekend of the stomach bug and that about wraps it up! 

 ^^ Early mornings at the soccer fields! ^^
 ^^ Craft time! Working on shapes, and trying to brainstorm ideas for a homeschool preschool program come fall ^^
 ^^ Not the last time she nursed, but I can tell the end is near and I never want to forget the way she fell asleep in the crook of my arm every. single. night. since she was born. Change is hard... ^^
 ^^ Ezra's first time in the car part of the car cart! She loved it, Uriah loved it and I loved it! Despite how stupid hard those carts are to turn, my kiddos were completely entertained and I walked through the store answering minimal questions so WHO CARES ^^
 ^^ Also, my kids are weird. ^^
 ^^ Sometimes these two are best friends and they each tolerate the other giving hugs and kisses and snuggles and wrestles. For some reason, it usually happens when I vacuum, so I think I'm going to start doing that more often. Either way, it melts my heart every time I see them like this. Their relationship has some ebb and flow to it but just as much as I had two babies for myself, I had them for each other, too. ^^
 ^^ California babe! Prepping for the beach! ^^
 ^^ Baba (Stephen's mom) came to town and even though we frequent the beach about once a week, we love getting to share it with others! ^^
 ^^ This made Stephen's day (week? month?!) Our busy boy almost never transfers from the car to his bed and definitely is never found sleeping on our chests anymore. Such a precious sight ^^
 ^^ We only get date nights when family comes to town to hang out with our kids for a few hours, so alone time just the two of us outside of the house is rare and all the more treasured because of it. On this particular night we went to a little local wine bistro and pretended we knew what we were doing ordering wine and cheese we couldn't pronounce. ^^
 ^^ We made a second trip to the San Fransisco Zoo when Baba came to town! This kid will never tire of animals and trains - it was his ideal day! ^^
 ^^ Sleeping Uriah on mom and dad's bed with his new best friend, Rain the snow leopard ^^
 ^^ Ezra LOVES clothes and accessories - shoes, hats, necklaces... The girl always has something draped around her neck. I love that big brother's things double as head wear and costumes. Someday we'll get her a dress up princess dress, but for now, I love that she walks around the house as Iron Man singing his theme song (I kid you not, she really does!) ^^
 ^^ Burry pajama kisses in the early morning hours. GOLD ^^
 ^^ HOW is it physically possible for someone to sleep like this?! ^^
 ^^ We have two major water babes on our hands - they are both loving that the weather is warm enough for an afternoon swim in the pool at our complex. I will never tire of seeing this girl's thighs in a swimming suit! ^^
 ^^ Ezra thinks getting to lay in brother's bed is just the coolest. I think it's the coolest that he lets her...! ^^
 ^^ What we thought was just too many black berries for Ezra turned into a household 24 hour bug, hitting us one at a time. The kiddos took it in stride and thankfully, Stephen was able to stay home from work the day it struck me down. ^^
^^ My sister and her husband were able to make the drive out West to spend a week on our living room floor. We missed their girls but relished the time with them as just aunt Ashley and uncle Byron. I'm glad we were able to serve as a crash pad for them as they explored the coast and cities! ^^
^^ Weekly morning library dates are some of my favorites! ^^
^^ As my sister captioned this, "the family with no tv" ^^
 ^^ Another beach trip in the books on Stephen's day off! My people... Countless blessings for this family and this life! ^^
 ^^ A new downtown ice cream shop for Ice Cream Thursday. I think Uriah approved! ^^
 ^^ Showing Ashley and Byron around campus. So much crazy beautiful architecture and landscaping right outside my front door... I can't believe we live here! ^^
 ^^ On their last night in town, Ashley and Byron took Uriah to a Stanford baseball game. I was hesitant to let him go because it started just before bedtime and I looove my consistent routine and was secretly worried one night off his normal schedule would throw him for a month long loop (I know, I know... Relax!) I'm so happy I agreed, though! They loved it and HE loved it! Candy, fireworks, baseball and one on one time... They were speaking his love language all night! ^^
 ^^ Oh just reading my book...! When did she get so big?! ^^
 ^^ THESE TWO!! All the heart eyes, people! All of them! ^^
 ^^ A little zoo date with friends ^^
^^ Park date between packing for our trip to "Nana's beach!" ^^