Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day

To my husband (a few days late)...
Happy (first) Father's Day! I have loved watching you become a father to our sweet little boy. I never had any doubts that you wouldn't fit this role just perfectly, but it has been a joy to see you transform. You have stuck by his side since the moment he arrived in the hospital - watching him, helping him, loving him... I know how deep your love for our son runs, how much you truly care for him, and I know that you will always protect him and provide for him... Thank you. I knew you had the ability to be such an incredible father because you have been the most amazing husband. I am so lucky... Uriah is so lucky... I couldn't think of a more perfect or beautiful picture of our love - Uriah (As described by you on Mother's Day) I see you when I look at him, and my heart just melts. I love how much you love him. As if your words didn't prove it, the way you stare and adore him would. The sound of your feet running up the stairs at the end of the day always makes me smile because I know you've biked as fast as you can and then ran as fast as you could to see us, your family. You are loved and cherished and respected and appreciated by the two of us oh so very, very much - more than you must know. Thank you. For being my husband. For making me a mother. For being the father to my son. For everything... Thank you.

We got to celebrate Stephen's first Father's Day on Greenlake, paddle boarding in the sunshine after church, and then got to head out for a date night to see Iron Man III while Uriah stayed home with Nana. It was a busy but successful day, full of love and kisses for Uriah and I :)

that one time Uriah and I spent a week at the beach with my parents and it was really, really fun

After Allison's wedding, I met up with my parents to head to their condo in Pacific City, Oregon. My grandparents met us there on Monday and we all spent the week on the beach under the sun (and a little rain). Uriah and I desperately missed Stephen, but I was very grateful for the opportunity to hang out with my parents and grandparents and have them spend so much time with Uriah at such a fun age (Papa had him smiling and laughing all week!)
We did a lot of beach walking and tide pool exploring, movie watching and junk food eating, pool swimming and picture taking... Plus lots of goofing off and being silly and having FUN! I also got the opportunity to spend the evening with two of my best friends (Hi Madison and Erica!) who came over to see the two of us and catch up on all the craziness going on in our lives (and Molly! ...Hi Molly!)
I love these people and this place oh so very much! Thank you for hanging out with me and spoiling me all week - I am one lucky lady and my son is so lucky to have you guys as his Nana and Papa. See you in two weeks on moving day (ahhh!) Can't wait! :)

wedding bells

Cheers to the bride and groom and their beautiful day! I was so honored to be apart of your wedding - I loved getting to see you so happy and in love, Allison. Stephen and I were thrilled to be there and enjoyed all the food and dancing and amazing company (we love your family, Allison!) What a day to start your future together... Congratulations, you two!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mrs. Pflaum

To the other Allison in my life...

You were my dorm room rescue, my Grey's Anatomy introducer and marathon partner, my fake drunk friend, my sorority starter, my fellow FIJI groupie, my long distance summer pen pal, my secret keeper, my partner in crime, my best friend, my other half...

And today, you're getting married... YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED! This is the day we talked about and dreamed about - John is the man you talked about and dreamed about... And I get to be apart of watching you go from "my person", to his person. I am so blessed to be apart of your day - thank you!

You have always been the light in the dark, the smile that brightens the room, the humor in the awkward, and well, some of the time, just the awkward ;) You can make anyone smile and laugh and can turn any night into a fun one. You are beautiful, Allison. You are talented and smart and hilarious and genuine and loving... Wow, that man is a lucky one.

I wish I could say that my (almost) two years of marriage has given me all sorts of wisdom and advice I could pass on... It has not. This is what I have learned, though: Respect your husband, always, and show him or tell him daily - respect is to men what love is to women. Never speak ill of him to anyone, ever - ranting to a friend may be a stress reliever for you, but it is gossip and judgement to someone else. Make him food - this really needs no explanation. Tell your husband that you think he's sexy - one, because obviously, you do, and two, because us women aren't the only ones who need reassurance. Love your husband - when he is right and when he is wrong, which will probably be more often than he's willing to admit ;) Support him in his decisions and dreams - listen to him, genuinely, and lift him up. And lastly, say "yes" more often than you say "no".

Marriage has, thus far, been an incredible adventure. When they say "for better or worse", they mean it, because it will get worse. But it will also get twenty times better. So enjoy it - soak it up and bask in it! Have fun, learn from each other, share, laugh!

You're a WIFE! You have a husband! I am so happy for you, Allison! So very, very happy and excited  for the two of you and this life you are starting together. I cannot wait to see where this road takes you! Congratulations, Allison! I love you!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

happy graduation, Taylor!

My youngest cousin just graduated from high school - Congratulations, Taylor! - and (almost) the whole family got to be there to celebrate with her! We are so proud of you, Taylor, and so excited for your future! Can't wait to hear about Eastern and your college days! You are one beautiful and talented girl - know how special and loved you are!


Four months big! And yes, just plain BIG! Uriah is 2' 2" tall, in the 85% for height, 18 lbs 5 oz, in the 91% for weight, and his head is 43 cm, in the 85% for head circumference. I am one proud momma! All the nurses and doctors, family and friends, can't get enough of those thighs! But can you blame them?! Look at 'em! I can (and do!) smooch them all day long.

In the last month, Uriah learned to roll from his belly to his back (5/13), he found his toes (5/25 - and constantly has them in his hands!), and learned to roll from his back to his belly (6/3 - and won't stop doing it!). He laughs now, but only at his daddy, which I know makes Stephen's day when he gets home from a long day studying and this little chub is happy, happy, happy to see him! And it is the sweetest, cutest little breathy laugh! Ahh it just melts my heart! He is still smiling, cooing, babbling, flailing, and kicking constantly - the doctor was genuinely surprised and impressed! He's got great control of his head and neck and is starting to bear a little bit of weight on those chunky legs of his! He's playing with his toys more and more, always grabbing things, shaking them, and putting them in his mouth. He's still solely breastfed and hasn't shown an interest in food...yet ;) He's eating 8-10 times a day - he was down to one night time feeding until our Alaska vacation and now we're back to 3...! The doctor gave me some advice and tips and rose my spirits and hopes at getting him back to his old schedule! Wish us luck!

Uriah is at such a fun age right now - exploring with his eyes, finding his voice, learning to be more mobile, interacting with people and toys... I love spending my days with this handsome boy!