Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day

To my husband (a few days late)...
Happy (first) Father's Day! I have loved watching you become a father to our sweet little boy. I never had any doubts that you wouldn't fit this role just perfectly, but it has been a joy to see you transform. You have stuck by his side since the moment he arrived in the hospital - watching him, helping him, loving him... I know how deep your love for our son runs, how much you truly care for him, and I know that you will always protect him and provide for him... Thank you. I knew you had the ability to be such an incredible father because you have been the most amazing husband. I am so lucky... Uriah is so lucky... I couldn't think of a more perfect or beautiful picture of our love - Uriah (As described by you on Mother's Day) I see you when I look at him, and my heart just melts. I love how much you love him. As if your words didn't prove it, the way you stare and adore him would. The sound of your feet running up the stairs at the end of the day always makes me smile because I know you've biked as fast as you can and then ran as fast as you could to see us, your family. You are loved and cherished and respected and appreciated by the two of us oh so very, very much - more than you must know. Thank you. For being my husband. For making me a mother. For being the father to my son. For everything... Thank you.

We got to celebrate Stephen's first Father's Day on Greenlake, paddle boarding in the sunshine after church, and then got to head out for a date night to see Iron Man III while Uriah stayed home with Nana. It was a busy but successful day, full of love and kisses for Uriah and I :)

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