Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Stephen is home from Africa (!!!) and brought the computer back with him, so now I can finally get around to updating the blog! What seems like forever ago now... JUNE!

 ^^ The month started out with this cutie cutting her forehead out in our courtyard! She has horrible balance and can never seem to run without tripping, so really, we shouldn't be surprised that our first hospital worthy owie came from her. She was running, turned to look at Uriah without slowing down, and ran right into the corner of a post. The cut was jagged and deep and while probably a stitch or two worthy, we didn't want to traumatize her, so daddy glued it up with some Dermabond and we called it good! Tough little chick just kept right on going! ^^ 
 ^^ Best friends, these two! I just found them out on the couch like that, Uriah reading to her, and on our bike ride (Ezra's first time on the big balance bike!) Uriah kept circling back to encourage her and cheer her on. ^^
 ^^ Bringing out the baby things! ^^
 ^^ Happy face, kissy face, silly face and excited face! Going through the emotions! Gosh isn't she the CUTEST?! ^^
 ^^ Uriah's first day of soccer camp! He's painfully (awkwardly!) shy and we weren't sure how this was going to go, but wanted to try a week long camp before signing him up for a whole season. To my surprise, he did great! I think having his best friend, Paxton, do it with him was a major help. And I liked the girl time I got with Nicki watching from the sidelines! I drove to soccer in my minivan and sat and watched from the beach chairs... I felt like I'm living the dream! "I have arrived!" ^^
 ^^ Days 2, 3 and the finale! (Somehow I missed a picture for day 4!) He loved it and I loved that it completely wore him out in time for naps! ;) Oh, and that one of him and Shiloh?! Ahh I can't wait to see him as a big brother! (again!) ^^
 ^^ This girl... She is a real hoot! Always keeping us on our toes and smiling! ^^
 ^^ We accidentally ended up at a splash pad park, completely unprepared! But the kids were more than willing to made due and it was so fun to watch them run around together! We seldom venture out to parks just the three of us anymore, and while I love that we have the community to constantly join us now, it reminded me of all the adventures we had after first moving here, before we made friends while Stephen was super busy with his intern year. We spent almost the first 6 months here just the three of us, and while I wouldn't change what we have now, it was a nice little reminder and treat to get to play at the park just as siblings. ^^
 ^^ My friend Allison insisted on letting us have a date night before Stephen left for Africa - an offer I'm still grateful for (and would have turned down had she not insisted!) We walked to downtown for Scoop ice cream (our usual!), sat and talked by the fountain and wandered through the shops before walking back home. I never thought much about "letting" Stephen go to Africa, but as time approached and I had to actually write it out on the calendar and plan for 7 weeks without him... The reality got harder and harder to deal with! So happy I am writing this now with him back in town! ^^

 ^^ Beach trip on daddy's day off - hanging out in a drift wood fort - four days before he left! ^^
 ^^ Evening walk to "the little park" with my people! ^^
 ^^ She insists that she is "daddy's girl" and I couldn't love their love more! ^^
 ^^ And he left! That was easily the hardest goodbye we've ever had to make, and we dated long distance in college. Africa is really far away, and he wasn't going to the safest of places, so that had my nerves going all on it's own. But 7 weeks without my husband... That was hard. And 7 weeks alone with the kids...?! 7 weeks without the kids?! There were a lot of emotions going on that day and it was a hard and tearful goodbye at the airport that night. Something we're all hoping we never have to do again! ^^
 ^^ Stephen left but we had our first ripe tomatoes waiting for us the next morning! ^^
 ^^ New art supplies to entertain them for a few days before their cousins showed up! We made bracelets and painted lots of pictures. I love setting them up with things like this out on the porch - makes for happy babes and a happy mom! ^^
 ^^ My sister and her girls were flying into Oakland at dinner time, so to beat the traffic across the bridge we drove up early to go to the zoo! Come 4 o'clock we had the place to ourselves and were loving it! Uriah still talks about it! ^^
 ^^ They're here! I'm still so happy and thankful that my sister came to visit us while Stephen was gone - I know it's not necessarily easy or convenient or cheap to travel with kids, but gosh we were happy to see them! ^^
^^ They flew in on a Thursday and we spent the next day at the beach! It was unusually chilly but we made the most of it - crabs, starfish, tide pools, sandcastles, lunch and lots of snuggles under blankets! We ended the day (and the month!) with our usual Friday Pizza Movie Night! ^^

28 weeks

How far along are you?: 28 weeks and 2 days! It's been awhile since I was able to make an update! 

Baby is: The size of a coconut - about 16 inches and 2.5 pounds

Movement: All. The. Time! You can see baby move from the outside, too, which always freaks me out a little! For the longest time, this babe was down so low, you couldn't feel it move without sticking your hand past my waistband, so no one else other than Stephen has been able to feel this baby move! The baby is big enough now, though, that you can feel him/her move in several different places at once. Though it is usually hanging out on my left side :) 

Weight gain: 19 pounds! I was a little worried that my glucose test would come back positive because I've really been packing on the pounds this pregnancy (and all my healthy eating habits went right out the window when Stephen left...!) but all is well!

Stretch marks?: Pretty sure there are still no new ones, but it would honestly be hard to tell at this point ;) I remember when they first showed up with Uriah, right at the very end, with bruising and popped blood vessels...! If I keep growing at the rate I have been, I'm in for some unpleasant looking and uncomfortable last few weeks! 

Maternity clothes?: Nothing but! It was awhile ago now that all my regular shirts started to be too short, so I'm exclusively in maternity shirts or non-maternity tunics (and have been in maternity bottoms since about 10 weeks!). I was big pregnant with Uriah and Ezra in the winter months, so most of my things haven't been weather appropriate this time around, since I'm bigger this time around significantly earlier on! I'm having a hard time not shopping for more clothes - surely I can make what I have work for just a couple more months, right?! ;) 

Currently craving: Nothing specific, which is actually kinda sad to me...?! I had such significant cravings with Uriah and Ezra, I've been waiting for something to stick this time around and it hasn't! Cereal always sounds good, as do turkey sandwiches. I won't turn down ice cream and every once in awhile need something really filling like rice (Thai food or Chipotle) sounds good, but my appetite hasn't been too big, so my "opportunities" to eat and crave something aren't coming up very often. I always eat breakfast, a snack, a small lunch and a small dinner - I'm running out of room in my stomach to put things! 

Aversions?: The smell of pizza sauce (only while making the pizza, not while eating it!) and the smell of store bought salsa.

Sleep: I have definitely been more tired this pregnancy than I expected! I guess keeping up with two toddlers will do that to you... ;) My second trimester energy came a bit late, but it did come! Just in time for Stephen to leave for Africa! ;) I find myself getting tired around 4 o'clock most days now, especially if we spend the morning out in the sun or out walking around, or if I don't take a nap when the kiddos do, but I can just adjust my bedtime accordingly and usually be ok to go. I find myself less groggy in the mornings now, too, because I'm sleeping better at night - less midnight bathroom breaks! ...For now ;) 

Feeling: All the Braxton Hicks contractions! I don't remember feeling too many with the other two (Stephen remembers otherwise!) so it's taken me by surprise these last few days. Mostly because they're not full contractions, it just feels like really bad period cramps down low in my uterus, which is all I felt while dilating to a 6 with Uriah...! It just has me extra aware. Also feeling lots of pain and pressure. I self diagnosed myself about a week ago with SPD - symphysis pubis dysfunction - where your pelvic bones open up in preparation for labor, which they're supposed to do! just not at 27 weeks...! It makes it painful to roll over in bed at night, walk up stairs or hills, get dressed... anything that requires me to shift my weight from leg to leg. It's not at all pleasant, especially the combination of that with the contractions, and I hate knowing that it will just get worse!, but it comes with the third pregnancy territory. 

Working on: Names! Baby boy almost has a name, still just deciding on a middle name (I think!) And baby girl names have been narrowed down to two! ...It's so hard having to pick one of each! Also working on lists - trying to figure out what we still need for both baby and mom, and what I just want for baby and mom ;) 

Thinking about & anticipating: Just before Stephen left (literally, 3 days before his departure!) at my 20 week ultrasound, we found out that this baby has a two vessel umbilical cord. While this could mean absolutely nothing, it could also mean growth problems, for both the baby's physical size and organs, especially the heart. While at the time, the baby's heart looked amazing and the baby's growth was right on track (actually measuring on the bigger side!) it doesn't mean something couldn't come up before delivery, though Stephen and my doctor aren't at all worried. I don't know that I would have been too worried either, though pregnant hormonal mommas tend to worry ;), but the two vessel cord discovery lead to a more advanced ultrasound that lead to the discovery of excess fluid in the baby's kidneys. The fluid level was high by the smallest amount, but it is still a soft marker for chromosome abnormalities. We decided not to do any genetic testing because it was such a small, soft marker and there was only one, so we are going off the assumption that the kidneys just needed more time to drain and all is in fact well. All this to say, I'm constantly thinking about the size and health of this babe and greatly anticipating our 32 week ultrasound to check the fluid levels in the kidney and the baby's size! I have always been measuring right on track, and the baby has always been measuring on the bigger side, so I would be surprised to see any red flags on our ultrasound, but I'm anxious to know more all the same. 

Recent baby purchase: Completely unnecessary baby clothes! Two different sets - a newborn jammie set and a romper set for an older babe. We don't know what we're having, and either way, we've got two complete wardrobes to work with! I just couldn't resist the sale rack at Old Navy! 

What are you most looking forward to?: Other than getting this baby Earth side?! Getting the kids a new dresser in their room so I finally have a place to put all our accumulating baby things! The nesting urge is there, but I keep telling myself it's too early so I'm not so patiently waiting for a few more weeks! 

Favorite moment this week?: Best moment by far, was Stephen coming home!! Which is in no way baby related, but completely wonderful all the same! It took a few days after his return for me to realize how hard it had been to have him gone. It had all just been snowballing and came crashing down once he was home and I didn't have to hold it all together anymore. My pregnant hormonal state didn't help ;) 

Monday, June 19, 2017


Baby number 3 has sorta stollen the show around here, and while I'm super happy I've been able to keep up to date with documenting this pregnancy (because I am determined not to let it get put on the back burner just because it's three!) I've been slacking at documenting the rest of it all! Though if we're being honest, this baby is still all we talk about ;) 
We tried to take full advantage of Stephen having weekends off in May, especially knowing that at the end of a busy June, he'd be taking off for six weeks...! The weather was a little touch and go, but much preferred over this constant heat we're experiencing now! Mornings at the park, swimming and splash pads, beach days and hikes, lots of snuggles and lazy evenings... It was a good month! 

 ^^ We started the month out with a trip to the fountain with some friends! It is so great to have things like this across the street (and through campus) from our house! ^^
 ^^ Making my heart melt before 7am...! ^^
 ^^ My two love the Faber kids! And I love that my kids get to spend time under their Godly influence! ^^
 ^^ A snap from the pictures we took to announce our pregnancy. Baby girl is so excited to be a big sister! ^^
 ^^ Hot morning at the park/splash pad with our favorite friends! ^^
 ^^ Trying on daddy's glasses looking SO CUTE! ^^
^^ We got a mini van in May! Best decision, EVER! All I ever wanted were automatic doors that opened with the push of a button on my key fab and rear facing vents in the backseat for those rear facing babies ...My dreams have come true! ^^
 ^^ Salamander hunting with the Appel family on our Saturday morning hike! We also found a baby scorpion...! ^^
^^ Uriah's old (and favorite!) "star jimmies" have made their way into Ezra's drawer and I cried the first night we put them on her! ^^
 ^^ I got to spend a few hours on Mother's Day with these beautiful ladies, walking around the mall, snacking on frozen yogurt and playing "this is the wedding dress I'd wear if I got married today" at Anthropologie. - "One of the best parts of motherhood is the other mothers" ^^
 ^^ Crab hunting, beach walking, shell finding, napping in the sun and loving every minute of it! We spent an entire day at the beach and had some very tired babies on our drive home ^^
 ^^ Monthly Costco shopping cart picture ^^
 ^^ Bunk beds! We've been working on making more space in their room to play (and for the baby!) and getting bunk beds was the first step in that process. We were worried about how Ezra would do outside a crib (because Uriah's transition was awful!) but she has done amazing! Looking extra big these days! ^^
 ^^ This one made it's way into a separate post, but this is 16 weeks in May with baby #3! ^^
 ^^ Our evening venture to the sand pit had us catching moths over and over again! We called it our science lesson for the day ;) ^^
 ^^ Morning at the park! These two are such good friends these days and it makes my momma heart so happy to see them playing together! ^^
 ^^ Water park adventure for Paxton's birthday celebration! The kids were terrified of the large bucket that spilled water all over the kids play structure, but Uriah still talks about that lazy river! Stephen and I got a chance to ditch our kids with our friends and head down the tube slides together - getting flipped out of the tube might have been my favorite part of the morning :) ^^