Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hawaii, part two

There's going to be a lot of "parts" to these Hawaii blog posts if I continue at one post per day...! I never regret taking too many pictures though and love that I have our families best moments written down. So... Monday! 

 ^^  Judah's first flight and first "sleep somewhere other than my own bed" trip and he did amazing. Truly, such an angel baby! He continued to sleep through the night despite the time change, location/bed change, schedule change and teething. Counting our many blessings with this one! ^^
 After Stephen started the morning with a run, we packed up and headed out to the Waimea Canyon. We drove straight to the top to check out the view and hike around. While we were greeted with clouds, the view was still pretty spectacular. 
Canyon views from both sides of the trail and abundant greenery - it was beautiful! We headed back to the car once the trail got too muddy for the kids (thanks to the rain the night before) and drove back down the mountain a little ways to do some kid approved hiking through the woods. 

Shaded from the sun, protected from the previous night's rain, lots of cool plants (including wild ginger!) and perfect for the kids! We had the trail all to ourselves! We just did an out and back through the trees and finished with a picnic lunch by the car. 
 Continuing our drive back down the canyon, we stopped along the side of the road to get a "below the clouds" view. Talking to the photographer set up just past the road where we walked to, this was the best view point on the road, no need to stop at the marked ones! Lucky us! And what a view...! Several little waterfalls through the canyon and so much untouched wilderness. Uriah said "hiking" to this view point was the best part of his day! 
 ^^ An out the window shot as we neared the coast again coming down from the hill - I'll never tire of an ocean view! ^^
When we made it back to the coast we stopped for some local approved shave ice and headed to Salt Pond Beach, another local approved spot. Great for kids, as there is a natural barrier to the open ocean, the kids happily swam around played games running to and from the surf up the sand. Judah Budah was offically becoming a beach babe! 
We made it back just in time to throw a frozen pizza in the oven and run down to our secret spot for another sun set just Stephen and I. We really got the best of both worlds on this trip - time as a family with little chances to sneak away as husband and wife. So grateful! 

Hawaii, part one

We made it to Hawaii! In Lieu of our annual spring trip to Fairbanks, we opted for something a little warmer this year. While we hated (hated!) that this meant we wouldn't get to see Stephen's siblings, Stephen only gets two vacation blocks each year, so if we wanted to take a family trip, we'd have to sacrifice something else. We'd been wanting to take the kids to Hawaii since the two of us were able to go in 2016 and it did not disappoint! And as a bonus, we were able to convince Stephen's parents to meet us there! It wasn't too hard to do ;)

We were on a plane early Saturday morning, the day after Ezra's birthday, and had a direct flight from Oakland to Kauai. Stephen and I had gone to Maui on our "honeymoon" trip and we would have happily taken the kids back, but we decided to check out a different island just for the fun of it. Stephen has been to all the islands but I'm a new Hawaiian island vacation convert and had heard amazing things about Kauai and it's greenery - it's not called the garden island for nothing! - so decided to give it a go! We did a little research before booking our stay and ended up on the south shore in Poi'Pu.
Firsts things first, we went to the beach! After checking in we walked down to Shipwreck Beach, taking a ten minute walk through a lava rock path along the water to get there from our place. (The kids would have been satisfied with that - lava rocks and lizards and a view of the ocean!) We found some tide pools, tried to catch some fish, splashed in the ocean and (I) nursed a babe in the sand, which was all I wanted to do on our trip! It was heaven! The kids were ecstatic and content to do nothing else.
Eventually, our tummies called us back "home" and we made our walk back for an evening swim in the pool and dinner on the deck (ocean view!)

After breakfast on Sunday morning we packed up and headed to Poi'Pu beach, just a two minute drive from our place. Perfect for kids! There are two natural inlets at this beach that are protected from big waves and shallow enough to Ezra to stand up in. After crab hunting through the rocks and fish chasing around the "pool", Uriah ventured out a little further with Stephen for his first swim in the ocean. We built sand castles, splashed, swam, ate and even saw a sea turtle and a monk seal.
We very quickly learned on this trip that our children, Ezra in particular, were made to be island babies. They are already mostly naked babies at home, running around in their underwear, which is perfectly acceptable on a Hawaiin beach. I think we brushed Ezra's hair twice on our trip...? They naturally gravitate to the outdoors - animals, bugs, plants, need for toys, just building and playing with what they find. They were made for this and it was so fun to both watch them soak it up and be able to enjoy it with them, no distractions.
After lunch we headed back to our place so the kids could take a nap. We weren't planning on keeping a normal home schedule our entire trip, but the time change was still working it's way through the kids so a nap was a good choice ;)
Stephen and I took that chance to head to Costco just the two of us and gear up for the rest of our stay. We may have snuck in some shave ice, too, but it wasn't Thursday so don't tell the kids! ;)
While the forecast prior to our trip suggested rain and thunderstorms our entire stay (I was not happy about that!) Sunday evening was the only rain we saw until the morning we left! Praise the Lord! Stephen and the kids went swimming in the pool to get "double wet", followed by dinner and a long enough break in the rain for Stephen and I to sneak down to the water (at our "secret spot"!) to watch the sunset.
Not a bad way to start our vacation if you ask me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

month six

Size: Judah is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes (some 6-12) and size 3 diapers. He is 28.5 inches, in the 99%ile for height, and weighs 18lbs 12oz, in the 73%ile for weight. My lightest six month old but arguably my happiest! 

Eat: Nursing great! I can't seem to pump more than 3 ounces at a time (?!) but he's perfectly healthy so I'm assuming he must just get more than I pump. Showing all sorts of interest in food so looks like I need to go grocery shopping!  

Teeth: Two teeth and judging by all the drool, I would assume another one or two are on their way, but nothing yet. 

Sleep: After a brief hiatus, he's back to sleeping through the night! I think it must have been teething that did him in, or visitors, but we had about a week long stretch where he was waking up once in the night. I was fine to let him cry so long as it didn't wake up the big kids, and it never did, but occasionally I'd end up in their to nurse him. He goes down between 7-8 with little to no crying, wakes up to nurse between 5-6 and usually goes back to sleep until 8. His morning routine really varies. He takes 3 longer naps during the day, or 2 depending on the amount of cat naps he gets as we go from here to there. Poor third...always on the move! So thankful for his flexibility! 

Milestones: Sitting, ish ;) Still super wobbly, I don't trust his balance to walk away, but he's working his way out of the tripod sit. Very interested in going places and can get where he wants by rolling and scooting backward, though he's always trying to pull himself with his arms and will get up on his hands and knees quite a bit! Soon! Maybe ;) Laughing much more willingly these days, grabbing all sorts of toys (and not putting them in his mouth!) babbling, putting himself to sleep... generally growing up and getting big and making me sad ;)

Likes: People! He loves attention and people talking to him and playing with him. He loves Uriah and watching his siblings play from the center of the living room floor (they love that he's still immobile!) He loves his blue ball, Magna Tiles, Legos (oops!), his binki, being outside, being in water - bath or pool, his playmat, grabbing everything, the Ergo and did I mention he loves attention ;) Though for someone who loves attention, he's the most content and easy going babe! 

Dislikes: He's getting a little more vocal, so you definitely know when he's tired or hungry now, and maybe his teeth have made him a little bit fussier, but I honestly can't think of anything he truly or consistently dislikes. It actually makes it really easy to known if something is wrong - he doesn't just cry for no reason! (I wrote that for his 5 month update and it still rings true! Though I would add, if he's getting attention from someone and they walk away before he's had enough, he will protest. Thankfully, he's still easily distracted!)

Things I want to remember: His fuzzy blonde, blonde hair - it is so soft! His piercing blue eyes - they're bigger than we first thought and oohh they are beautiful! His smiles! He smiles all. day. long. The way he looks at Uriah. The way he lights up when he's outside. When he laughs as I "Ani sniff" or snort on his neck. How I can put him down for a nap faster and better than anyone else. He loves his momma. The times he sits in the bumbo next to the big kids and they all play Magna Tiles while I make dinner. The way he insists on grabbing my fingers or shirt when he nurses. 

It physically hurts I love this little one so much! I could honestly EAT him he is so damn cute and sweet...! So many mixed emotions when we talk about having more kids or being done. But honestly, if we're going to be done, we'd be going out with a bang. He is perfect!