Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

This one's for my daddy.
Who (apparently) follows my blog.
While on the phone with him the other night,
he requested a new post.
So here it is.
(Hi daddy!)

Stephen was in Alaska for a week
before I came up and he was in
charge of finding us a car and a home.
We love Myrtle :)
And it's the cutest home EVER!
Because it's OUR home!
Ten minutes to school, ten minutes to work.
(Anchorage is huge and so spread out!)
It's perfect.

From the front door looking to the left
Trevor and Carson's art work :)
My most favorite thing we have hanging in our house!
View from the front door looking straight
...into my kitchen!
(I love my kitchen!)
Kitchen from the living room
Really though, I love my kitchen ;)
The island
And the wall I still have to fill with pictures!
Our living room!
Slash Stephen's desk and dining room ;)
And our way sexy couch we don't have a slip cover for yet!

Wedding wall of fame!
That quilt and throw pillow we
bought for our living room,
but we have yet to get a quilt for the bed.
Picture headboard!
Itty bitty dresser :)

We're still waiting on a box of frames, games, books, and towels.
Can't wait to finish filling my walls
and bookshelf with pictures and arts and crafts!
Can't wait for that slip cover, either! ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh the places you'll go...


We're here! 
And who'd a thunk it, right?!
In Alaska.

After a tearful goodbye in the Boise airport, 
Stephen picked me up in my new town with my new car and took me to my new home. 
That's a lot of 'news'! 
It was crazy and stressful and oh so very exciting!
"Bye home!"

In the Boise airport.
So many bags!

My new car :)

Photos of our cutest little home will come later :)

Saturday was Stephen's white coat ceremony.
SO cool!
There are 19 students in his class; a record of 7 married couples!
We got to meet all the students and some of his teachers.
It was a very neat experience. 
I was the wife crying in the crowd when he went up on stage :)
I'm so proud of him!
He's already accomplished so much...
I am honored to be by his side as he tackles so much more. 

So, cheers to our Alaskan adventure!
Prayers for Stephen as he enters med. school!
We're so blessed to be here and to have this experience! 

A girl named Erica.

I know a girl named Erica. 
She is without a doubt the sweetest, funniest, most beautiful and loving gal I know. 
She is simply incredible.
So strong in her faith and determined in her actions, so smart and talented... 
I greatly admire her.
And how lucky am I to call her my best friend. 

And how lucky am I that she was willing to ride 10 hours in my little jam packed car across Eastern Oregon and all of Idaho with NO AIR CONDITIONING!
The windows were unrolled from noon to nine.
It was hot. 
Hot, hot, HOT!
But oh so much fun! 
I am so thankful for her friendship and so thankful she made the trip with me!

While we were in Pocatello we got to celebrate my momma's birthday!
I'm so happy I was able to be home to share it with her :)
It was a lazy day filled with good company, good food, and a 'lil mini golf

Erica also got to go to the Pocatello vet!
What a trooper. 
We got to have dinner with my long lost bestest friends from high school, too!
It was fun to see Courtney and Hannah (always in a laughing fit with those two) and for Erica to meet them.

And of course, the inevitable 'goodbye'.
Which sucked.
Erica is an amazing friend and I am going to miss her like crazy.
I was a blubbering mess in the airport; it was so sad to watch her leave! 
But soon enough we'll be together again :)

(Marcell voice) "I love you!" :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend getaway!

Last time Stephen and I were in Pacific City, it was to spend some time with my parents before they left for Idaho. This time it was for our honeymoon! ...Sorta. 

Stephen and I weren't able to take a honeymoon this summer because I've been in an internship and we're moving to Alaska, well, today! We simply didn't have the time. We've loved getting to start our (real) lives so quickly, and most importantly, together, but we're still planning a honeymoon for later down the road. Maybe on our one year anniversary we'll be on a warm beach with our toes in the water and a drink in hand. Until then...

My parents were so sweet to give us a weekend getaway at their condo. The Oregon Coast is our favorite place and it was the last time we'd be there for a year... The weekend was perfect! Stephen and I are so grateful for all my parents did for us. The place came stocked with drinks, food, goodies, roses and chocolates. It felt so nice to have a break from work and a weekend together before Stephen left for Alaska. 

We started the weekend with a dinner date at yummy Big River

The view from the top of the sand dune
(that Stephen insisted on climbing up and running down many times)

Us :)

The view from the backside of the dune.
We took a little trail through wooded area to get there,
no one was up there - so secluded and gorgeous!

Went walking and shopping through town.

Dinner on the deck :)

Watching the sunset

Yes, thanks mom and dad
We had so much fun; we are so grateful!