Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh the places you'll go...


We're here! 
And who'd a thunk it, right?!
In Alaska.

After a tearful goodbye in the Boise airport, 
Stephen picked me up in my new town with my new car and took me to my new home. 
That's a lot of 'news'! 
It was crazy and stressful and oh so very exciting!
"Bye home!"

In the Boise airport.
So many bags!

My new car :)

Photos of our cutest little home will come later :)

Saturday was Stephen's white coat ceremony.
SO cool!
There are 19 students in his class; a record of 7 married couples!
We got to meet all the students and some of his teachers.
It was a very neat experience. 
I was the wife crying in the crowd when he went up on stage :)
I'm so proud of him!
He's already accomplished so much...
I am honored to be by his side as he tackles so much more. 

So, cheers to our Alaskan adventure!
Prayers for Stephen as he enters med. school!
We're so blessed to be here and to have this experience! 

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