Monday, April 17, 2017


 ^^ Stroller naps, pretty Anthropologie walls, pretty Anthropologie sunglasses (on a silly boy!) and sleepy walks home. All when momma comes to town! ^^
 ^^ Personally, it was not warm enough to be splashing in the water at the beach but of course, it didn't phase my kiddos one bit! They are such water babes! ^^
 ^^ The happiest, most handsome snuggly babes post beach swim picnic dinner ^^
 ^^ Ice cream Thursday at Baskin Robins with Nana! "Purple ice cream!" ^^
 ^^ Friday pizza movie night! (Post swim, which I did not snap a picture of!) ^^
 ^^ I love it when she does girly things! It's rare, and this, honestly, was not her idea, but she gives them a bottle, asks for them to be wrapped up in a blanket and constantly changes their diaper (just like momma does it - it's the cutest!) ^^
 ^^ Morning hike up the dish! It was HOT but the company was superb! ^^
 ^^ Na na na na BATMAN! ^^
 ^^ I took Uriah's picture, so he asked to take ours! ...not too bad! ^^
 ^^ Gone camping! We finally purchased enough camping gear to get ourselves outside for the weekend (Stephen's been waiting years!) and it did not disappoint! Ezra has never slept outside a crib/pack 'n play, so we didn't know how she'd do sleeping in a tent (where she can see mom and dad, too - she hasn't slept in our room since she was just a couple months old) so we made it a one night trip to test the waters. The kids loved helping set up the tent and the supplies and when the time came, the fire. We ventured out for a little hike and found ourselves a snake...! A king snake - we had to look up on the trail the rhyme for poisonous vs nonpoisonous snakes so as not to put the kiddos in danger. "Red on yellow, kill a fellow. Red on black, friend of Jack!" Then it was treats while watching the sunset, a surprisingly very easy night in the tent, laughs and giggles and cuddles in the morning and a yummy breakfast before hitting the road! ^^
 ^^ Some days these kiddos are the very best friends, more often than not, recently! Uriah is always eager to help her and she is always eager to do school with him ^^
 ^^ The cutest dang beach babes I ever did see! Back from Alaska (to come in the next post!) we celebrated Stephen's birthday evening at the beach! ^^
 ^^ It was cold, or at least I was cold, but that was no surprise to anyone ;) We found lots of hermit crabs and shells and Uriah and Stephen put their building skills to a test making a dam in the tide pools. ^^
 ^^ The following day, to continue Stephen's birthday celebration, I dropped the kids off at my bible study so they could walk home with a friend of mine and I took Stephen on a hike and out to lunch! Any excuse to eat yummy brunch food, really, but Stephen is easily the best and my favorite one ;) ^^
 ^^ That night we took the kids swimming with our friends at their pool before our outdoor hamburger dinner, carrot cake and all! ^^
^^ These were taken on Stephen's phone of him and Ezra walking home from their date. Once a month, maybe, these two sneak out and walk down the way to Tootsies for a nutella filled croissant. I can't tell who loves it more! ^^