Sunday, April 9, 2017


I don't know that I can add a whole lot of commentary to these pictures seeing as how it's been so long since I took them...! ;) The change in the weather, visitors and visiting has kept us busy! Settling back into a bit of a routine now and attempting to play catch up! 

^^ Uriah's favorite birthday present - his Justice League slipper socks that he refuses to wear as slippers! ^^
^^ What you can't see, is that that remote control is flying a helium shark balloon all over the living room...! I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this scene! ^^
^^ This is Ezra hiding - a spot she discovered all on her own! ^^
^^ Ninja Turtles at the park! ^^
^^ Saturday morning walk to the "green hills" where we got to watch the Stanford divers practice their skills ^^
^^ Ezra in her element - after church donuts and playing outside with rocks! ^^
^^ I swear my kids wear clothes... sometimes! This little sickie waiting for her bath had my heart breaking! ^^
^^ Friday pizza movie night with our best friends! My two can't get enough of sweet Shiloh! ^^
^^ Early morning wake up call with my snugglely boy and my bible ^^
^^ Dad's day off morning shenanigans all piled in our bed. That second snap was a result of Uriah requesting "take my picture with Ezra!" ^^
^^ Sunday evening beach adventure with the Appel family! Crabs, shells, dinner, sand castles and an almost sunset ^^
^^ Baby girl fell asleep while we were reading for school - the sickness was getting worse! ^^
^^ I asked Ezra (who, of course, was accompanying me to the bathroom) to get me some toilet paper from under her bathroom sink. This is what she came back with and it made me giggle. Momma's little helper ^^
^^ Naps on mom and snuggles from brother - she was miserable but I was in heaven! ^^
^^ He joined me in bed for an early morning bald eagle lesson. He built that entire Lego creation himself! ^^
^^ Waiting for Melissa at the airport! She had never met Ezra and I was VERY excited to share our weekend with her! ^^
^^ Showing her the Stanford ropes! The rain held out just long enough for us to explore campus ^^
^^ We dragged her to church with us before sending her home. It was such a treat to host her! ^^
^^ Post library visit nap strike ^^
^^ Ice Cream Thursday! ^^
^^ Sweet (and rare!) morning play ^^
^^ Friends at the park. Uriah is extra proud of himself for being able to pump his legs on his own now! ^^
^^ A babe in a box with some crayons! Can't help think of Chandler and his three fold reasons for being in the box on Thanksgiving. Anyone else...?! ^^
^^ Girl time! Went walking around campus with this beauty picking flowers for our dining room table. Got she is the sweetest! ^^
^^ Calling Papa on her calculator, as always! ^^

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