Tuesday, April 23, 2013

that one time we went to the zoo

On Saturday, Stephen and I took Uriah to the zoo. He slept through the whole thing, but let's be real, it was for us. It was a beautiful day that waited until we were on our way out to start sprinkling rain. It was a beautiful zoo, too, one of the best I've been to. The lions were my favorite - there were 4 cubs chasing and pouncing on each other. So cute! And so funny how they look and act just like house cats...only bigger. Stephen's favorite was the orangoutang - she covered herself with cloths and was dragging two burlap sacks by her feet, walking around with her face down, when she stopped, pulled back her "clothes" and looked right at us before continuing on her way.
It served as the perfect study break, and the perfect excuse to get dip 'n dots ice cream! ;) I can't wait until Uriah is older and interested in the animals - how fun it will be to take him then!

ode to idaho

Mom: "Wanna fly home this week?"
Allison: "Ha! Yeah! Sure! See you in a couple days, mom!"
Mom: "Ok! Does Wednesday sound good?"
Allison: "Uh... Are you serious?"
Mom: "Yes!"
Allison: "Well... Ok!"

I'm not the greatest when it comes to being spontaneous. I like my spontaneity carefully planned. But when my mom called and said she received an offer for cheap plane tickets... Well, she's very convincing! She called on Monday and I was on the plane Wednesday morning! Stephen was busy studying for tests and I wanted to see my family as bad as they wanted to see Uriah (no one cares about Stephen and I anymore, it's all about the little one). So, off I went!

We did a lot of sitting around staring at Uriah and Harper, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. That little girl is growing up too fast! Though she's still so tiny (just 4 pounds more than Uriah!) she is so smart! Always babbling and running around, showing off her tricks ("Show me your muscles, Harper!", "Harper, do ballet!"...) She knows just about every animal sound, sign language, MY NAME...! I couldn't love her more... Nor could she love Uriah more! Always wanting to kiss him and hold him and "give him loves". He's here "bebe" and he loves her right back!

I loved getting to show off Uriah, too. He was the best little traveler and so smiley all week! He got to meet his uncle Byron for the first time along with Jordan, our friends at my dad's office, his great grandparents, my cousin, Gail, and uncle Mark, and the Favillo girls! He was well loved ;)

I am so happy I was able to travel home to see my family. Though Stephen was deeply missed by us all, the opportunity came at a perfect time. Love you, Ryan family! Hope Italy is treating you well!

Monday, April 8, 2013

a walk in the park

...Something we do quite often, now, with a little one in tow. Me and some friends go walking three times a week, and when Stephen needs a study break we usually find ourselves walking to Starbucks or around the neighborhood. Now that the weather is warming up and blooming (my, oh, my is it beautiful!) we have been venturing out of our usual paths and hitting Greenlake, the Burke Gilman trail, and most recently, campus!

Oh how I love this little family of mine :) Seattle is beautiful in the spring! Similar to spring term in Oregon, but this time I have Uriah and no job and no school, and occasionally, Stephen study free. Truly don't think it gets any better than this.

Friday, April 5, 2013

prom night

Last Friday night, Stephen and I went to prom ...! The medical school was putting on an almost end of the year dance for its students and Stephen and I gladly took the opportunity for our first date night away from Uriah. Our most preferred babysitters, Uriah's God parents, just happened to be in town and they offered to stay with us and watch Uriah so we could go out. Oh how we are so very grateful! It was touch and go as we were getting ready as to wether or not Uriah could be separated from the boob and take the bottle (which he'd done before just fine), but they pushed us out the door and assured us everything would be fine. (His were not the only tears shed that night). Somehow, they got him changed and fed and down for the night before we even left our friends and headed to the dance so I was put at ease and was fully able to enjoy the night! ...In a new dress and heels I hadn't worn in over a year! It was fun to get all dressed up with Stephen like we were attending a fraternity dance a few years back. And to have him all to myself?! *sigh* We had a blast dancing the night away with our friends. It came at the perfect time for us - to be able to leave Uriah in good hands and reconnect over the dance floor to an old '90s beat. Oh prom night.

 Our rockstar babysitters 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Uriah is officially two months old :) And officially perfect! Well, he already was that. At 13 pounds 8 ounces he is in the 71 percentile for weight, the 72 percentile for height, and the 42 percentile for head circumference. Our little man eats 11 times a day...eleven! (Why yes, it is hard to accomplish much during the day!) He goes down for bed at 9:30, wakes up to eat around 2:30, again around 5:30, and is up for the day around 7:30. He goes down like a champ so I'm able to get plenty of sleep during the night. During the day he eats every hour and half to two and half hours, depending - he lasts a little longer between feedings when we're out and about (he loves going on walks and car rides!) He eats, stays up for an hour, then takes a little nap. He babbles and squeaks and coos constantly! He is smiling more and more and smiles in response to our smiles (my very favorite!) I cannot wait until he is laughing! He is getting so good at holding his head up and loves to be held high on my shoulder to look around. He's still on medicine for his reflux and it's working great (yay!) We're hoping we can slowly wean him off of it - some babies are on it for a year, some just a few months. Little man is still in his 0-3 month clothes, though they're getting tighter every day! (eeek!) My baby boy is growing too fast! He loves to cuddle and snuggle and I am already dreading the day he is too mobile to be interested in loving on mom. These past two months have been wonderfully crazy and it is still an adjustment, but the best on we've ever made :)

And yes, I just put together and typed this entire blog post with one hand while swaying side to side because my two month old got shots today and he screams the instant I try and put him down and though I hate to see him so miserable, I am loving every second.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

spring break

For Stephen's spring break the three of us (how fun is that to say?!) drove to Pacific City, Oregon to spend the week with my mom at their condo. Uriah did great on the five hour drive that I was worried would take nine. The weather was perfect Oregon coast weather, with the exception of a couple rainy days in which Stephen studied and mom and I went shopping. I loved taking Uriah to the coast, my very favorite place, somewhere that holds so much meaning and memories for Stephen and I and my family. Granted, he was usually sleeping while outside ;) He loved the wind and the sound of the ocean and as always, loved being carried around in his pack. We did a lot of beach walking and sand dune climbing, I will never get over the view from the top... We took Uriah up to the clubhouse and took him swimming, which he also loved! Potential surfer dude? We also did a lot of lounging and napping and eating (us? go figure! ;) It was a successful, fun week and I am truly so happy we were able to go. It was nice to get away from Seattle and our everyday tasks, and as always, it was wonderful to be in my mom's company. I'm so happy she got to see Uriah at almost two months old as he was starting to smile and babble more. Boy he sure is sweet... Thank you, mom, for inviting us and hosting us and entertaining us and loving us. You sure are so very loved in return. And thank you, Oregon, for another perfect week on your beaches. Until next time...