Wednesday, April 3, 2013

spring break

For Stephen's spring break the three of us (how fun is that to say?!) drove to Pacific City, Oregon to spend the week with my mom at their condo. Uriah did great on the five hour drive that I was worried would take nine. The weather was perfect Oregon coast weather, with the exception of a couple rainy days in which Stephen studied and mom and I went shopping. I loved taking Uriah to the coast, my very favorite place, somewhere that holds so much meaning and memories for Stephen and I and my family. Granted, he was usually sleeping while outside ;) He loved the wind and the sound of the ocean and as always, loved being carried around in his pack. We did a lot of beach walking and sand dune climbing, I will never get over the view from the top... We took Uriah up to the clubhouse and took him swimming, which he also loved! Potential surfer dude? We also did a lot of lounging and napping and eating (us? go figure! ;) It was a successful, fun week and I am truly so happy we were able to go. It was nice to get away from Seattle and our everyday tasks, and as always, it was wonderful to be in my mom's company. I'm so happy she got to see Uriah at almost two months old as he was starting to smile and babble more. Boy he sure is sweet... Thank you, mom, for inviting us and hosting us and entertaining us and loving us. You sure are so very loved in return. And thank you, Oregon, for another perfect week on your beaches. Until next time...

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