Friday, April 5, 2013

prom night

Last Friday night, Stephen and I went to prom ...! The medical school was putting on an almost end of the year dance for its students and Stephen and I gladly took the opportunity for our first date night away from Uriah. Our most preferred babysitters, Uriah's God parents, just happened to be in town and they offered to stay with us and watch Uriah so we could go out. Oh how we are so very grateful! It was touch and go as we were getting ready as to wether or not Uriah could be separated from the boob and take the bottle (which he'd done before just fine), but they pushed us out the door and assured us everything would be fine. (His were not the only tears shed that night). Somehow, they got him changed and fed and down for the night before we even left our friends and headed to the dance so I was put at ease and was fully able to enjoy the night! ...In a new dress and heels I hadn't worn in over a year! It was fun to get all dressed up with Stephen like we were attending a fraternity dance a few years back. And to have him all to myself?! *sigh* We had a blast dancing the night away with our friends. It came at the perfect time for us - to be able to leave Uriah in good hands and reconnect over the dance floor to an old '90s beat. Oh prom night.

 Our rockstar babysitters 

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