Friday, May 31, 2013

and that's a wrap.

Stephen made it through finals (with a few more A's under his belt) and then proudly walked across the stage in his new white coat. I cheered him on from the mom section of the audience (Uriah did great and was actually awake to watch his daddy cross the stage!) It was a little bitter sweet to be sitting amongst the same gals as I was in the fall of 2011, at Stephen's first white coat ceremony. After Step 1 of the boards, the classmates will be separated and spread out amongst the five WWAMI states, and while we'll be seeing some in a few months, we won't be seeing others for a few years, until it's time to cross that stage again, diploma in hand.
It was fun to see him, though, along with his Alaska classmates and all the new friends he's made here in Seattle reach this point in their medical school career. It is a feat to have made it this far and I am so proud of Stephen and all his friends and classmates who've made it with him. Cheers to you! I know the next two years of rotations will be difficult and time consuming and draining, both mentally and physically... But I also know how much Stephen is looking forward to being in the hospital, interacting with patients and learning hands on.
>> He was looking pretty spiffy in his new white coat (if I do say so myself) - embroidered with his name, and all! ;) He may not be a doctor yet, but he certainly looks the part. And I am certainly very proud and excited!

We made it to a friend's end of the year BBQ before catching our flight to Alaska after the ceremony. It was the perfect opportunity to get in one last goodbye (over yummy food and drinks, of course). We have made such good friends over the past two years - we are truly, truly blessed! Thank you all for loving our little family and being apart of our story. To those we will not be seeing soon, you will be missed and thought of often! We love you guys!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm a mom... I get to be a mom... Uriah's mom. I am so lucky, so very blessed, and am so grateful for the opportunity to mother this sweet baby boy of mine. I've always wanted to be a mom (a desire that grew immensely the day I knew I would be a mom to Stephen's babies). I think my mother, my amazing mother, and my indescribable relationship with her is what lead me to know I wanted, and needed, to fill the momma role. There had been a hole in my heart for years, one that no friend nor family member nor Stephen nor even God could fill. But now, just as I hoped and dreamed and waited, that hole is full, taken up by pudgy thighs and baby smiles and beautiful blue eyes and dirty diapers and late nights and cuddle time... That hole is full, and overflowing. Thank you for letting me be your mother, Uriah; thank you for making me a mother, Stephen. This is my dream job and the highlight to my every day. I am so happy and blessed and thankful and so very in love with my men and my life as a mom. Happy Mother's Day to me... What an honor.

Also, a Happy Mother's Day to my incredible mother - my best friend and biggest fan. I love you and appreciate you so very much! You are truly thee most beautiful person in my life, inside and out. To my mother-in-law, who welcomed me into her family with open and loving arms - thank you for raising such an incredible son to be my husband. To my sister and sister-in-laws who are raising my smart and adorable niece and nephews - I am so happy I have you guys to share in this motherhood journey with! To my aunts, grandparents, cousins, and friends - you are all beautiful and wonderful mothers and your families are lucky to have you!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bennett!

Happy Birthday, Bennett! You are one very adorable and loved little one year old! We have loved getting to play with you this year (and your parents! ;) and look forward to two more years in Boise, watching you grow up! We're happy Uriah will have a buddy to play with and learn from! Enjoy your day and all this sunshine with your family! We love you guys!

Friday, May 10, 2013

the top of a mountain.

Happy last day of school, Stephen! Yes, you're still a student for two more years. Yes, you still have finals to take. Yes, you still have to study for Step 1 of the boards (and then sit through 8 hours of tortured test taking). Yes, you start rotations in July and get no summer break. BUT! ;) This is your last day of sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture, following along with the powerpoints... This is your last day of SCHOOL!
I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you for all you have accomplished so far, Stephen. You are so smart, balanced, talented, dedicated, determined... I am so proud. And so happy for you to have reached this point in your medical school career. With straight A's under you belt, too! (What?! You may be humble but I am not! Seriously...! SO PROUD!)
I know you still have mountains to climb, but you have reached the top of one today. And I know that just like you have so far, you will excel along the way in this next leg of your journey. I also know that I will be there with you, every step... During your days off and during the late nights and early mornings. To celebrate with you and help you deal with the stress and frustrations. To support you and care for you and love you, always...
Happy top of this mountain. Happy last day of school. I love you, Stephen!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Oh hello, my three month old baby boy! Three months... Ahh! :) I feel like he changed drastically and fast in the first two months and since, we're just making small victories over here. Small, but good and perfect and wonderful... because I am a mother in love and everything he does it truly perfect ;)

This little one is all smiles, all the time. Except when he's crying ;) Which, truthfully, isn't too often. He's pretty good at keeping a schedule during the day and it's getting easier to plan outings with him in tow. I'm learning to go more with the flow, all while trying to get him on a schedule... Does that even make sense? Well, it's working for us! He's still at one to two night time feedings and we start our mornings pretty early, but the second feeding is slowing getting weaned out and he takes two long and good morning naps so I get plenty of chances to catch up on sleep or my to-do list. He's down to 8 or 9 feedings a day which still takes up a lot of time, but it sure beats 11! Though it is obvious he doesn't need to be eating so much ;) I do love that chub!

He is so close to laughing! I can't wait to hear those sweet giggles! I love watching him smile and react to Stephen and I. He squeals and squeaks and babbles constantly, still. Maybe just as much to the toys on his play mat as he does to the two of us.

He definitely knows who I am now. Which I love! ...and hate. He watches me walk out of the room and before I can make it to the bathroom he starts fussing, only to cease when I walk back in. While Stephen can soothe him and put him to sleep, my smell and my voice can do it a lot faster. And he's not too keen on other people holding him or playing with him if I am still in view. So as much as I love being loved and needed, a little separation would be ok with me, too. Just a little ;)

He is in size 2 diapers, now, and most likely will be for a while. He's still in 0-3 month clothing, but only just! In the next week I'm sure I'll start to add some larger sizes to his wardrobe, though I'll probably put it off as long as I can because that means he's getting bigger and older and that just makes me sad!

He can hold his head up until he gets tired, and then starts to resemble a bobble head doll. Can you blame him? It's hard work! ;) He's getting more and more interested in rolling over - his body is slowly starting to follow as his eyes wander - but we're not quite there yet.

We are at a very fun stage, though. Everything is new and exciting to him and he's changing and learning so much... But still so small and cuddly and not mobile! All too soon he will be running away from me! I think I'll enjoy all the snuggles I can get until then :)