Friday, May 10, 2013

the top of a mountain.

Happy last day of school, Stephen! Yes, you're still a student for two more years. Yes, you still have finals to take. Yes, you still have to study for Step 1 of the boards (and then sit through 8 hours of tortured test taking). Yes, you start rotations in July and get no summer break. BUT! ;) This is your last day of sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture, following along with the powerpoints... This is your last day of SCHOOL!
I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you for all you have accomplished so far, Stephen. You are so smart, balanced, talented, dedicated, determined... I am so proud. And so happy for you to have reached this point in your medical school career. With straight A's under you belt, too! (What?! You may be humble but I am not! Seriously...! SO PROUD!)
I know you still have mountains to climb, but you have reached the top of one today. And I know that just like you have so far, you will excel along the way in this next leg of your journey. I also know that I will be there with you, every step... During your days off and during the late nights and early mornings. To celebrate with you and help you deal with the stress and frustrations. To support you and care for you and love you, always...
Happy top of this mountain. Happy last day of school. I love you, Stephen!

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