Friday, May 31, 2013

and that's a wrap.

Stephen made it through finals (with a few more A's under his belt) and then proudly walked across the stage in his new white coat. I cheered him on from the mom section of the audience (Uriah did great and was actually awake to watch his daddy cross the stage!) It was a little bitter sweet to be sitting amongst the same gals as I was in the fall of 2011, at Stephen's first white coat ceremony. After Step 1 of the boards, the classmates will be separated and spread out amongst the five WWAMI states, and while we'll be seeing some in a few months, we won't be seeing others for a few years, until it's time to cross that stage again, diploma in hand.
It was fun to see him, though, along with his Alaska classmates and all the new friends he's made here in Seattle reach this point in their medical school career. It is a feat to have made it this far and I am so proud of Stephen and all his friends and classmates who've made it with him. Cheers to you! I know the next two years of rotations will be difficult and time consuming and draining, both mentally and physically... But I also know how much Stephen is looking forward to being in the hospital, interacting with patients and learning hands on.
>> He was looking pretty spiffy in his new white coat (if I do say so myself) - embroidered with his name, and all! ;) He may not be a doctor yet, but he certainly looks the part. And I am certainly very proud and excited!

We made it to a friend's end of the year BBQ before catching our flight to Alaska after the ceremony. It was the perfect opportunity to get in one last goodbye (over yummy food and drinks, of course). We have made such good friends over the past two years - we are truly, truly blessed! Thank you all for loving our little family and being apart of our story. To those we will not be seeing soon, you will be missed and thought of often! We love you guys!

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