Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

1. Cadbury Eggs. Really, need I say more? My sister introduced me to these not too long ago and I was equally excited over my yummy new candy crave as I was sad I had never known these existed! And now half a bag later...

2. These shoes...! Confession, they're not mine. Though I have envied these on Pinterest for months, my mom is the proud owner. They fit me, though, so maybe they'll make their way into my suitcase and my mom won't know they're missing...

3. I love having flowers in the house. Especially in this cold, windy, rainy town - bring a little of the outside, inside! I brought these hydrangeas home from the store the other day for my momma; they have always been a favorite flower of mine.

4. Everything pink for my niece's birthday! I can't believe she's two... I'm so excited to celebrate her at her perfectly pink party tomorrow night! (All this pink is making me cross my fingers for my own baby girl someday!)

5. This one is probably more Uriah's favorite than mine, but it's my favorite watching him play with these balls! Nana and Papa spoiled him the other day with a whole new set and he has been running around the house kicking one and then throwing the other, pointing, yelling "ghal! ghal!" He is very into independent play time and I get to sit back and watch him in silly giggles and smiles.

Friday, February 21, 2014

taking stock 004

Making: the bed. For the first time since I've been here. Which is weird, because not a day will go by that I don't make our bed in Boise...
Cooking: Cafe Rio pork something. A Pinterest recipe I have plans to assemble together in the crock pot. 
Drinking: coffee. Or, really, more like creamer.  
Reading: texts from my husband. 
Wanting: this wind to stop blowing and the sun to come out. I so desperately want to play with Uriah outside. 
Looking: forward to a Bagelry lunch, a second birthday, a husband coming back to me, a road trip to our home away from home, friends, the birth of our niece, family and florida beaches. 
Playing: chase. Me: "I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you!" Uriah: "giggle, giggle, giggle, squeal, giggle"
Wasting: time.
Sewing: not a damn thing.
Wishing: it was next Friday evening and I was watching Stephen pull up the driveway. But, then again, I shouldn't be wishing away time. In the end, we're always wishing for more. 
Enjoying: this time with my family. I'm so happy Uriah gets to see his Nana and Papa every day, and while I am so desperately missing my husband, hugs and kisses from Miss Harper Jean sure help ease the pain. 
Waiting: for my baby to wake up from his morning nap. 
Liking: Uriah's new love for stuffed animals. Each one he picks up, hugs and kisses. I never taught him to do this, but it melts my heart every time!
Wondering: what our next baby will look like, what we'll name him/her, how my pregnancy will differ from my last... This is not a pregnancy announcement, just musing of a momma anxious for more babies. 
Loving: that Uriah is officially, completely sleeping through the night! Hallelujah, people! 11 hours! No more 5 am wake up call! 
Hoping: that ^that^ doesn't change during our travels this next month. Uriah hasn't slept in the same room with us since he was one month old, and he hasn't been able to fall asleep in our bed with us since he was about four months old. Keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't regress! (Again!)
Marveling: at Harper's vocabulary. She is sassy and stubborn but oh so smart
Needing: to let go of plans. Plans that aren't actual plans, but just thoughts of plans, wishes. 
Smelling: honestly? A dirty diaper. It has long since been taken out to the trash, but the smell is lingering... 
Wearing: my "Nana bracelet". My Nana gave it to me for my 12th birthday, after a trip to Santa Fe with my mom, just before she passed away. I put it on, and have never taken it off. 10 years later, every time I look at it I still think of her. 
Following: along with the Olympics. Sorta. I really only care about the ice skating. 
Noticing: Uriah's sleeping and eating patterns changing. Growth spurt?
Knowing: that everything happens for a reason and that His timing is always so much better than our own. I know this, but if only I could remember it, always, and learn to fully trust it...
Thinking: that I probably should have showered by now...
Feeling: slow. Sad, maybe? Lonely, probably. I miss my other half. 
Bookmarking: one piece swimsuits. Do I really have to get in a bikini next month?
Opening: emails.
Giggling: over Uriah's reaction to Nana's cats. He follows them around all day, laughing and clapping. We need a pet!
Feeling: defeated? But ready. 

Ps, two months in a row, guys! High five! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

Recently, I've discovered that there is a huge Instagram/blogging community out there. I mean, obviously. But I've been stumbling upon more and more accounts that have me going, "Oh my gosh! Yes! Me, too!". There are other mommas out there thinking the same things I am, feeling the same things I am... And it's sorta a huge relief! To know I'm not alone and not (entirely) crazy. It's kinda weird to connect through Instagram, but I feel like maybe I've gotten to "know" some of these women through their pictures and blog posts and comment conversations. All such beautiful, fun and honest women living their lives out as mommas and wives (and the ones I want to introduce to you today, as faithful servants of Christ!) Maybe one day we'll all meet in the central U.S. for a giant sleepover/girls weekend. Gosh, wouldn't that be fun?!

So, here are my new five favorite blogger/Insta mommas that you should be following, too! These ones are too good to keep to myself, guys, so I'm sharing!

1. Corianne Burton
This momma and I have a mutual love for "iced coffee and Christmas lights". I was hooked when one of the first blog posts I came across started out with a 'Friends' reference. I mean, come on! Her little man is just older than Uriah and you will die over his blue eyes and blonde curly locks! She talks all about being a wife and a momma and shares occasional beauty products (Which, by the way, I took her most recent advice on and purchased a new sea salt hair spray... Listen to her! She knows what she's talking about!) on her one blog, and all about her sweet boy and family on her other (where her husband sometimes even contributes!). She will certainly have you laughing and nodding in agreement - her posts are so spot on!
instagram: @icorianne

2. Brittanie Havens
This new momma is a beauty queen! And her chubby little man, Dexter, is just yummy! Britt is a makeup artist (if only I could be so lucky to have her fix up this mess!) who lives in Canada. Her and her little man are crazy well dressed, and you should see her Instagram sneak peeks at her house...that nursery! Her most recent blog post was titled "Postpartum Body Image". If you are going to be pregnant, are pregnant, or are post baby, 3 months or 3 years... It is a must read! I so desperately needed to read this post with a Florida beach trip coming up next month, and was so appreciative of her story and encouraging words. She also floods her blog with gorgeous pictures and updates on her baby boy and her sweet family, you will swoon!
instagram: @britthavens 

3. Mary Beth
This 26 year old natural beauty is momma to three... Three kids in three years! Can you even imagine?! Her sweet babes are some of the cutest ones you will ever see, and I love the way she writes about them and documents their interactions in stories and pictures. Mary Beth is a blogger, baker, photographer, and home schools her little ones. Oh, and she's writing a book...! Impressive, right?! As the founder of #theeverydayproject on Instagram, this momma has a beautiful and grateful heart and is always noticing and appreciating the small things in life. I love seeing her blog posts pop up in my blogger feed. I don't think I could pick just one favorite post, but try these out and you'll see what I'm talking about... "New Adventures" // "A Thousand Thanksgivings" (Also, her Pinterest boards are amaaazing!)
instagram: @annapolisandco

4. Megan Wallach
I'm pretty sure if Megan didn't live in Atlanta we'd be "bonafide best friends". It's true. The first post I read of hers was such an honest one as a momma, and the pictures of her girl...?! I could eat her up! Then I stumbled upon this post ("Shine", her word for 2014) and I became so inspired! This momma has got a beautiful heart and such a thirst for Jesus! It was contagious! And, her most recent post about dominating her husband in tetherball literally made me snort out loud in laughter. This gorgeous momma also has her own Etsy site! Homegirl has the whole package!
instagram: @megwall2911 

5. Molly Kidd
Once upon a time, Stephen knew Molly and her husband, Brad, in college. (She is a fellow OSU alumni!) Stephen knew them before I was in the picture and I never had the opportunity to meet her, but I sorta feel like I know her, all the same. Even if my husband didn't have a distant connection with her, her blog posts are so light and genuine and fun, anyone who reads them feels like a friend. She is (over)due with her first baby girl (and I'm pretty sure she'd appreciate your prayers for a speedy deliver!) and has made being pregnant look so chic. Molly has amazing style (that she is now passing down to her babe!), an incredible knack for interior decorating, is a great photographer, and shares some super yummy recipes (all gluten free!). Way to show us all up, right?! I am constantly swooning over everything in her Instagram feed!
instagram: @molly_beth_kidd

Monday, February 10, 2014

a heartbeat

Last night, Uriah found Stephen's stethoscope hanging out of his backpack and dubbed it his new favorite toy. He drug it all over the living room, long as he is tall. He eventually started handing it to Stephen, I think confused as to what this toy was supposed to do. So, Stephen would put it in his ears and listen to Uriah's heartbeat. Uriah was so curious and amused - he stood so quiet and patient while Stephen held it up to his chest. Uriah would ask for it back, walk around with it, fumble with it in his hands, then hand it back to Stephen so he could listen to his heartbeat again. Now, I find any interaction between my two boys to be heart melting, cheek bone hurting, uterus pounding, but this one especially. And I don't know why watching this got me all worked up and twitter-pated inside. Maybe because Stephen's going to be an official doctor so soon and this journey has been both so hard and so rewarding - or maybe because I was picturing Uriah growing up to be a doctor like his daddy and I was already beaming with pride. But I just sat there in the background, watching my boys interact with each other, the same interactions over and over again. It was so simple, but so wonderful. You mommas, I'm sure, understand. After a few minutes of that, Uriah brought the stethoscope over to me and held it out so I would take it and listen to his heartbeat, which I did. And I immediately bursted into tears. I wasn't even thinking about it, I wasn't expecting it, but I just couldn't stop crying! It all hit me so fast that the last time I had heard his heartbeat was when he was in my belly, the day he was born... And now he's standing in front of me, so handsome and sweet and big! I just melted into a puddle on the floor. When did he get so big? So smart? So outrageously cute?! It was part sadness, part pure joy. And I spent the rest of the night in awe of my son and my beautiful life and my God that has blessed me with so much. It was just a stethoscope, it was just a heartbeat... But I am so very grateful that that heartbeat is beating, loud and strong, in my sweet baby boy.

Also, and completely unrelated, I just cleaned out, added and organized my Pinterest boards. It was a total waste of nap time, but for some reason I feel like I just organized all my thoughts - put them in their own file, labeled them, and closed the file cabinet. Odd, but it was sort of refreshing.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


We're making plans over here! Stephen doesn't get a summer break this year (or ever again!) but he does get four weeks off for the month of March! Each rotation in third year is six weeks long, including their elective rotation, in which they get to choose a two or four week rotation in the field of their choice. We were hoping for a two week one in Boise, so we wouldn't have to travel and would then get four weeks off... Well, we got half our wish! Stephen did get into a two week rotation at the beginning of the six week rotation (is this even making sense?!) but there were none available in Boise. So! Next weekend we're driving down to Pocatello, so I can move in with my parents for two weeks and send Stephen off to Billings, Montana for two weeks of anesthesiology. I would love to go with him, but they don't offer family housing and I reeeeally doubt the other medical students he'll be living with will want a baby in their house interrupting their studying. It came at good timing, though. My mom just had knee surgery and my sister is most likely (slash hopefully) having her baby early, so I'll be around to help! Two weeks will be the longest we've been apart since we were dating long distance and the longest Stephen will ever have been away from Uriah, so it won't be easy. But! We have four weeks after to spend together, away from hospitals and books and studying! A whole month of Stephen?! I can't wait! 

After Pocatello/Montana we are driving over to Oregon. First, to spend some time in Corvallis with the Winder family (Uriah's God parents) and then to Portland to spend some time visiting our friends! Which will conclude our first week of March! We'll be back in Boise for a little over a week (maybe making a trip down to Pocatello if Ashley's sweet baby girl doesn't show up while I'm there before!) to spend time together, playing outside, exploring Boise... And then it's off to Alabama! Stephen's grandparents and aunt and uncle live in Alabama and we haven't seen them since I was first pregnant, in the summer of 2012. Stephen used to travel down there every year for his spring break during college, and I've been able to go twice, now! I'm so excited for them to all meet Uriah and to spend some time at their Florida condo! Sunshine, warm weather, the ocean, amazing company... I can't wait to experience it all through Uriah's eyes this time! We get back just before Stephen's birthday and will have a few days here to unwind and celebrate before he starts his next rotation at the start of April. 

It's going to be a busy month, but we're so excited to get to see so many of our family and friends! I'm praying that Uriah handles the traveling like a champ and his sleep schedule isn't thrown off too much (we just got him sleeping through the night!) We shall see! 

And now for some completely unrelated pictures we took while playing outside the week of Uriah's birthday...

^^ So I know this probably doesn't melt your heart, but man does this sight get my cheek bones hurting! (and my uterus pounding!) ^^ 
^^ Uriah was not amused. ^^
^^ Jessica Adelman would shoot me for all the fashion don'ts I am wearing - horizontal stripes, brown and black and navy blue. Oops! ^^ 

Monday, February 3, 2014

a birthday party

On Saturday, Stephen and I threw Uriah his first birthday party! While, let's be honest, it was really more for the adults, he enjoyed playing with his friends and new toys, and I love that he'll have these pictures to look back on! My parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece drove up from Pocatello (which we were so incredibly grateful for!) and our friends, old and new, came over to help celebrate our little man! All week Uriah had been spoiled with cards and gifts and phone calls, this celebration was the perfect way to end year one and kick start the next! 

^^ Carrot cake, our favorite! Our wedding cake was carrot! 
Also, homemade. As I'm sure you can tell ;) ^^
^^ Also homemade, carrot cake cupcakes for the guests! ^^
^^ The longer it gets, the curlier it gets! I'm hoping for some serious ringlets! ^^
^^ Our most perfect, handsome birthday king ^^
^^ Yes, he hated it! Too much pressure with everyone watching, I think. He was ok with the blueberries, but wasn't interested in touching the frosting, and when we put his hand in it for him, he lost it! Once we were holding him and some of the pressure was off, he did actually like the cake, though! ^^
^^ Thief! ;) ^^
^^ My new friend Bria and her sweetest Vivian! These two are going to be Valentines! ^^
^^ Dallin and Whitney were our friends in Anchorage, before Kate and Uriah came along! We moved down to Seattle together and then here to Boise (literally together, sharing a Uhaul with our babes next to each other in the back seat!) We have loved getting to share this medical school, new parent phase with them! ^^

^^ And the post party, hotel party - pizza, swimming and Harper teaching Uriah to jump on the bed! Love watching these two together! ^^


There is so much anticipation built up around a child's first year of life, and rightfully so. Their first words and their first steps and their first...everything! But now it's over. I'm not a "new" mom anymore, my baby, while still very much my baby, is looking and acting more like a toddler. It's so sad, but yet, so, so happy and exciting - It went by so fast, yet so slow, too. How is that?

Looking through pictures of Uriah's birth and then all my snapshots up until now, I was thinking how badly I want to do it all over again. How I would hold him longer, kiss him more, slow down a little, cherish the long nights and fussy teething stages, because even on those long hard days, he's still my baby and won't be my baby for long. People tell you to do that, people tell you it goes by far too quickly, but I just sort of waved it off and thought, "I got this, I know what I'm doing. I need to take a shower and get the dishes done, I won't regret letting him nap in his crib instead of holding him." But he doesn't nap in my arms any more, and I miss that... While having another baby (wanting one now, more than ever) will give me the chance to do it all over again, it will never be Uriah again. It'll be the same, but it won't be the same at all. And while I understand the excitement and anticipation that is built up for a child's first year, I don't want that to go away just because January 31st came and went. This was a big day, an important day, this was my child's first birthday. But tomorrow, he will be one and four days. He will be older and maybe a little bigger. Tomorrow he could say a new word, start sleeping through his 5 am feeding, learn to sign "eat", or crawl down the stairs. Tomorrow is just as important as yesterday, as today. This child, my Uriah, is a gift from God, and I am going to treat him and his life just so, like a gift. Like the gift I prayed and waited and hoped for. The gift I worried and cried over. Uriah's whole life is a first birthday to me, new and fun and special and just for him.