Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

1. Cadbury Eggs. Really, need I say more? My sister introduced me to these not too long ago and I was equally excited over my yummy new candy crave as I was sad I had never known these existed! And now half a bag later...

2. These shoes...! Confession, they're not mine. Though I have envied these on Pinterest for months, my mom is the proud owner. They fit me, though, so maybe they'll make their way into my suitcase and my mom won't know they're missing...

3. I love having flowers in the house. Especially in this cold, windy, rainy town - bring a little of the outside, inside! I brought these hydrangeas home from the store the other day for my momma; they have always been a favorite flower of mine.

4. Everything pink for my niece's birthday! I can't believe she's two... I'm so excited to celebrate her at her perfectly pink party tomorrow night! (All this pink is making me cross my fingers for my own baby girl someday!)

5. This one is probably more Uriah's favorite than mine, but it's my favorite watching him play with these balls! Nana and Papa spoiled him the other day with a whole new set and he has been running around the house kicking one and then throwing the other, pointing, yelling "ghal! ghal!" He is very into independent play time and I get to sit back and watch him in silly giggles and smiles.

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