Friday, February 21, 2014

taking stock 004

Making: the bed. For the first time since I've been here. Which is weird, because not a day will go by that I don't make our bed in Boise...
Cooking: Cafe Rio pork something. A Pinterest recipe I have plans to assemble together in the crock pot. 
Drinking: coffee. Or, really, more like creamer.  
Reading: texts from my husband. 
Wanting: this wind to stop blowing and the sun to come out. I so desperately want to play with Uriah outside. 
Looking: forward to a Bagelry lunch, a second birthday, a husband coming back to me, a road trip to our home away from home, friends, the birth of our niece, family and florida beaches. 
Playing: chase. Me: "I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you!" Uriah: "giggle, giggle, giggle, squeal, giggle"
Wasting: time.
Sewing: not a damn thing.
Wishing: it was next Friday evening and I was watching Stephen pull up the driveway. But, then again, I shouldn't be wishing away time. In the end, we're always wishing for more. 
Enjoying: this time with my family. I'm so happy Uriah gets to see his Nana and Papa every day, and while I am so desperately missing my husband, hugs and kisses from Miss Harper Jean sure help ease the pain. 
Waiting: for my baby to wake up from his morning nap. 
Liking: Uriah's new love for stuffed animals. Each one he picks up, hugs and kisses. I never taught him to do this, but it melts my heart every time!
Wondering: what our next baby will look like, what we'll name him/her, how my pregnancy will differ from my last... This is not a pregnancy announcement, just musing of a momma anxious for more babies. 
Loving: that Uriah is officially, completely sleeping through the night! Hallelujah, people! 11 hours! No more 5 am wake up call! 
Hoping: that ^that^ doesn't change during our travels this next month. Uriah hasn't slept in the same room with us since he was one month old, and he hasn't been able to fall asleep in our bed with us since he was about four months old. Keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't regress! (Again!)
Marveling: at Harper's vocabulary. She is sassy and stubborn but oh so smart
Needing: to let go of plans. Plans that aren't actual plans, but just thoughts of plans, wishes. 
Smelling: honestly? A dirty diaper. It has long since been taken out to the trash, but the smell is lingering... 
Wearing: my "Nana bracelet". My Nana gave it to me for my 12th birthday, after a trip to Santa Fe with my mom, just before she passed away. I put it on, and have never taken it off. 10 years later, every time I look at it I still think of her. 
Following: along with the Olympics. Sorta. I really only care about the ice skating. 
Noticing: Uriah's sleeping and eating patterns changing. Growth spurt?
Knowing: that everything happens for a reason and that His timing is always so much better than our own. I know this, but if only I could remember it, always, and learn to fully trust it...
Thinking: that I probably should have showered by now...
Feeling: slow. Sad, maybe? Lonely, probably. I miss my other half. 
Bookmarking: one piece swimsuits. Do I really have to get in a bikini next month?
Opening: emails.
Giggling: over Uriah's reaction to Nana's cats. He follows them around all day, laughing and clapping. We need a pet!
Feeling: defeated? But ready. 

Ps, two months in a row, guys! High five! 

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