Friday, April 15, 2016


Our travels to Idaho and Alaska took up most of our March, but there was still fun to be had during the in-between! When we got back from Fairbanks, our dear friends, the Winders, came to town for a too short stay. We took them to campus, the hospital and the beach - our usual hangs ;) It was such a treat to get to see them, especially on our turf! They were in town for Ezra's first birthday, too! We celebrated with a party while in Fairbanks, but I think baby girl was ok with turning one by the ocean ;) A few days later, though not pictured, was Stephen's birthday! He was back at work, and working nights, no less, so it wasn't ideal, but we spread the celebration out over two days and made the best of it. Visitors, birthdays and Easter in there, too... It was a busy few weeks!

Our non spring break, spring break

Shortly after returning from Idaho (four days after) all four of us packed up and headed to Fairbanks for the first ten days of Stephen's two week vacation block. Traveling with one extra set of helping hands is huge, people! Though I'm a self proclaimed pro, now, at traveling solo with the kids, I will always, always prefer making trips with Stephen (for more than just the extra set of hands!) It felt a little odd packing snow pants and winter coats in March, leaving our little warm city for snow and ice, but the change in weather was worth the change in company!

Lazy mornings, day dates, double dates, family dinners, sledding, snowmobiling, four wheeling, fort building, snow ball fights, cousins playing, birthday celebrating, baby holding, ice park outings... I think we crammed as much into our ten days as we possibly could! Always so grateful for our time with the Wall family as it doesn't happen as often as we'd like. It was so fun to see all six grandkids together - oh the adventures waiting to be had between this group! (and oh the trouble to come...!)