Saturday, April 9, 2016

The one where we went to Idaho

There are a lot of "we went to Idaho" posts in the archives of this blog, but 'Friends' is playing in the background, per usual, and "The one where" was just sort of inevitable.

It had been a few months since I'd seen my parents and approaching six since I'd seen my sister and her girls. Since putting two and a half people on a plane is much easier than putting six on a plane, we left sunny California for a week (what ended up being almost two!) in Pocatello with my family.

Toward the end of our trip both Uriah and Ezra were sick and we were all three in need of a good does of Stephen, but, as always, the trip was well worth it. Ezra was inducted to girl world, Uriah learned that Remi was actually an ok person to hang out with, Harper turned four years old and I got all caught up on Grey's Anatomy through late night Netflix binge watching with my mom.

I had to explain to Uriah the other day why all four of us shared the same last name, but that Nana and Papa's was different, Ashley and the girls', too. It was so sweet to watch his furrowed eyebrows and listen to his questions as he was trying to figure it all out. "So Nana's middle name is Wall?" But I had to explain to him that my last name used to be Ryan and that someday Ezra's last name will change, too. Even when she answers to a new last name, though, she will always be a Wall, and I hope she knows that that is very much who she is. I don't just look like my dad... Anyway, you see where this is going. It was all just bittersweet. That Ryan clan... Well I'm still very much a part of it.

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