Thursday, March 5, 2015

our weekend

This last weekend, my mom and sister drove up from Pocatello to throw me a baby shower! The above two pictures are just about the only photographic proof that the event happened, but it was beautiful and fun and I am so grateful they put the event together! They did the whole thing in black, white and coral - including the beautiful quilt they had made for me! Ok, for Ezra ;) They served pulled pork sandwiches, veggies, fruit and the yummiest homemade cake cookies - I don't even know what they were - little cookie sandwiches of heaven - all I know is that I ate all the leftovers! Ezra and I were spoiled with gifts! - diapers, wipes, clothes, moccasins, and money to help us purchase a double stroller. The guests were also given a card in their invitation for them to fill out - "wishes for baby". Reading those at the end of the night was an absolute highlight for me! The hopes and prayers and wishes laid out for my baby girl... She is so loved already and I am so happy that her and I are surrounded by such wonderful, strong and thoughtful women. All in all, it was such a fun night and I'm so thankful my friends and family all wanted to come together to celebrate me and baby girl! Thank you, mom and Ashley, for the perfect evening! 

That night, my mom's cousin, Seth, flew in from California to hang out with her in Pocatello for the week, but we got to keep them an extra couple of days in Boise. Sunday morning we met up with Ashley and her family and a couple long time friends for lunch at the local bagel shoppe Stephen and I frequent with our small group after church. After nap time, for more than just Uriah ;), we headed to the park! With my mom's camera... I'm not the world's best photographer, but I'm not the worst! Or my mom is just so dang pretty it wouldn't matter who was taking the picture and with what camera... We all had dinner together that night and met back up for breakfast on Monday before Stephen headed to work and my mom and Seth hit the road for Pocatello. I loved having my family in town for the weekend and wish I was driving down there tomorrow to celebrate Remi's birthday! I'm really going to hate not living so close to them... Luckily, we'll still be here when baby girl comes and we'll get lots more time with them in the gorgeous spring Boise is promising to give us! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


How far along are you?: 36 weeks to the day! 

Baby is: "the size of a canary melon." Guys, I have no idea what that is. She is around 6 pounds and 20 inches long. 

Movement: always! And if she's not actually moving, she's resting in a position where I can feel one or more body parts bulging out of my belly. There's not much between her and my skin so I can see and feel everything!

Total weight gain/loss: I've gained 26 pounds so far - I officially weigh as much this week as I did the day Uriah was born. I've gained more overall this pregnancy, I started at a lower pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm happy to see I'll be ending up around the same weight at the end of this. 

Maternity clothes?: are being stretched to their max! And because I've been in these pants since about 16 weeks pregnant, I'm getting real sick of them and looking forward to fitting into the rest of my closet again!

Belly button in or out?: out and flat and bruised. 

Stretch marks?: You guys, I think it 
happened. It's hard to tell because Uriah did such a good number to my belly the first time around, but I'm pretty sure some new ones have officially made their debut. 

Obsessing over: ok, I mostly wrote this entire blog post to share this news... I'm obsessing over the fact that I'm 36 weeks and dilated to a 2.5! As my doctor was checking me she said, "well I don't think you'll be making it to your due date!" I told her the last time someone said I was dilated to a 2, I was 36 weeks, 6 days along and was in labor and delivery 4 hours later...! Now I am not hoping this girl comes too early, if she could hang out for just one more week that'd be great! But it's exciting and sorta relieving to know that these contractions and cramps haven't been for nothing! My body is getting ready - my baby girl is getting ready! Now I need to get ready! 

Sleep: is come and go. Some nights I am tossing and turning with contractions, trying to get 
comfortable, while other nights, like last night, I sleep like a rock. 

Favorite moment this week: for weeks Uriah has been asking to see and touch the baby and will hug and kiss my bare belly, but this last week, as he was giving her a good squeeze, he jumped up and looked at me with these big eyes and said, "hear!" I asked, "you hear the baby?" and he said "uh-huh! baby say 'hi Iah!'" I didn't prompt him at all that the baby was talking to him so I have no idea where it came from, but it just melted my heart! His eyes were so big and his smile was from ear to ear! It was the sweetest thing! 

Feeling: excited! With the news that this little girl is coming early I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but mostly ready and just jaw droopingly happy! 

Working on: crossing off the last few items on my "before baby gets here" to-do list! I started writing this list out forever ago, because writing lists is just what I do!, and I'm down to just a couple things! At this point, none of them are necessary for baby to come, but you know, a momma's gotta nest! 

Thinking about: these last few weeks (maybe days!) with Uriah. When I got home from my appointment I was so happy to just sit and read books with him and I made sure to sing a few extra songs at nap time just to rock him a little longer. While I have all the joy and excitement about this little girl joining our family, I really am going to miss all my one on one time with my little boy. I'm thinking a mommy/son date will need to be arranged soon... 

Anticipating: my baby being sent to the NICU. While I am so ready to have this girl on our side, I do not want her to come before she is healthy and ready. And at 36 weeks I realize she might not have to be in the NICU for long, but that is where she'd be sent right away and picturing it just breaks my heart. 

Currently craving: all the regulars plus ice water and all the FRUIT! 

Anything make you sick or queasy?: I just dumped some leftovers down the disposal and didn't have a reaction - progress, people. 

Wishing: for the ideal. Is that a dumb thing to say? I'm just so excited and anxious about how it's all going to "go down" and I'm really wishing that when it does, my dad will be able to get here to hang out with Uriah and bring him to the hospital when it's time to meet baby girl, and that my mom can be here to hold my hand and take pictures in the delivery room and that it's not a scary and rushed experience but a peaceful, happy and excited one. I'm just wishing for the ideal, is that too much?

What are you most looking forward to?: the hospital stay. Assuming all is well and goes according to plan, a day or two in the hospital to rest and recuperate with someone taking care of me doesn't sound too bad. I asked for any hospital bag 'must haves' on Instagram today, feel free to add yours on here! I'll be needing to pack my bag soon!