Tuesday, September 27, 2011


...on LIFE <3
and the smell of FALL
and Instagram
(iphone photo app)

Stephen received a 100% on his Histology test
YAY! :)
(Histology = cells. They show you a microscopic slide of a cell 
and they're supposed to know what kind it is, 
where in the body it came from, 
and what that teeny tiny gray spec in the corner is....it's CRAZY!)
He was very happy and I was very proud :)
So in celebration of this amazing accomplishment
we got ourselves some Dairy Queen blizzards
and walked them off on a beautiful, fun trail
on a gorgeous fall day
where we took one too many Instagram pictures :)

Yeah, I get to live here.
It's incredible.
Husband and I :)
Smoochin'! :)
The perfect sunflare shot!
Oh how I LOVE fall!
Yellow leaves...everywhere!

To live in such a beautiful place 
with such a remarkable man....
I truly am blessed.

And speaking of blessed...
This weekend Stephen and I are going to Fairbanks!
My parents are going to be there
(my parents are going to be in ALASKA!...seems so weird!)
for the Partners banquet/fundraiser.
Awhile back my mom and sister went to Thailand 
to bring aid to Burmese refugees. 
There, my mom took pictures (amazing ones, at that!) 
and is going to showcase them at this banquet, 
donating all the money raised to 
Partners and their cause. 
So excited to watch the event unfold :)

We also get to see Stephen's parents, 
brothers and sisters!
And we get to meet TRISTON
Our sweet, sweet nephew. 
...Maybe what I'm most excited for ;)

A post after the weekends events is sure to come!
Until then...
Love, hugs, and prayers from the two of us!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The happy couple

We've officially been married 
for two whole months!
(as of yesterday)

And what a crazy two months it's been...
Get hitched
work, work, work
pack, pack, pack
Send Stephen off to Alaskaaaa
Drive to Idaho
Jump on a plane
Buy a car
Find a home
Fill the home 
Start school
Start work
Write a blog post about it


Amongst the craziness, though, we've had an amazing two months. These, have been our favorite parts, the best parts of being married...

1. Brushing our teeth.
Every morning and every night. 
It's a date. 
I always start foaming at the mouth and he can't help but laugh and we never make it through without spitting a little toothpaste out. 

2. Reading Narnia.
Every night before we fall asleep, we crawl into bed and get all cozy and tangled up, and Stephen will read a chapter or two of a Narnia book. (We just finished the series!) No matter the time, no matter how tired...

3. Dancing.
In the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the bed... 
Being crazy, acting weird, dancing like a fool... 
(It's a regular occurance in this household.)

4. Dating.
Each other.

5. Our mattress.
It's a FULL
Aka, it's itty bitty and we LOVE it! 
We slept on a king size mattress before and I woke up in a terror because I didn't know where Stephen was. Never again. 
At any given moment in the night we are touching, maybe even only just a little, and I never feel scared or lonely. 

6. Forever.
And ever.

Cheers to the best two month of our life!
(So far!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bear country

We live in bear country!
No, we haven't seen one yet...
But that doesn't stop me from being TERRIFIED
My sister and I used to walk around 
with sticks in our hands, flailing about 
and screaming when we went camping. 
(We were never favored by the neighbors)
Despite my HUGE fear
(Stephen grew up in Alaska...
it doesn't quite effect him the same way)
we went on a hike today!
It was raining and cold and there were "beware of bear" signs everywhere
but it was BEAUTIFUL!

I sang just about the whole way up the trail
(to scare off the bears, of course)
but the only thing we saw were three gorgeous dogs, their owners, two bikers 
and this incredible view...

Anchorage way off in the distance! 
The valley
Across the valley
Campbell Creek down below
(zoomed in)

Stephen also got to "test out" his new gun!
We didn't shoot it, but it's the first time we've taken it hiking so he was pretty excited :)

I was simply just afraid of the height...

Bears or no bears, moose or no moose 
(now moose we have ran into)
it was a fun hike :)

Campbell Creek

Successful study break with my husband :)