Monday, September 5, 2011

Bear country

We live in bear country!
No, we haven't seen one yet...
But that doesn't stop me from being TERRIFIED
My sister and I used to walk around 
with sticks in our hands, flailing about 
and screaming when we went camping. 
(We were never favored by the neighbors)
Despite my HUGE fear
(Stephen grew up in Alaska...
it doesn't quite effect him the same way)
we went on a hike today!
It was raining and cold and there were "beware of bear" signs everywhere
but it was BEAUTIFUL!

I sang just about the whole way up the trail
(to scare off the bears, of course)
but the only thing we saw were three gorgeous dogs, their owners, two bikers 
and this incredible view...

Anchorage way off in the distance! 
The valley
Across the valley
Campbell Creek down below
(zoomed in)

Stephen also got to "test out" his new gun!
We didn't shoot it, but it's the first time we've taken it hiking so he was pretty excited :)

I was simply just afraid of the height...

Bears or no bears, moose or no moose 
(now moose we have ran into)
it was a fun hike :)

Campbell Creek

Successful study break with my husband :)

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