Monday, September 12, 2011

The happy couple

We've officially been married 
for two whole months!
(as of yesterday)

And what a crazy two months it's been...
Get hitched
work, work, work
pack, pack, pack
Send Stephen off to Alaskaaaa
Drive to Idaho
Jump on a plane
Buy a car
Find a home
Fill the home 
Start school
Start work
Write a blog post about it


Amongst the craziness, though, we've had an amazing two months. These, have been our favorite parts, the best parts of being married...

1. Brushing our teeth.
Every morning and every night. 
It's a date. 
I always start foaming at the mouth and he can't help but laugh and we never make it through without spitting a little toothpaste out. 

2. Reading Narnia.
Every night before we fall asleep, we crawl into bed and get all cozy and tangled up, and Stephen will read a chapter or two of a Narnia book. (We just finished the series!) No matter the time, no matter how tired...

3. Dancing.
In the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the bed... 
Being crazy, acting weird, dancing like a fool... 
(It's a regular occurance in this household.)

4. Dating.
Each other.

5. Our mattress.
It's a FULL
Aka, it's itty bitty and we LOVE it! 
We slept on a king size mattress before and I woke up in a terror because I didn't know where Stephen was. Never again. 
At any given moment in the night we are touching, maybe even only just a little, and I never feel scared or lonely. 

6. Forever.
And ever.

Cheers to the best two month of our life!
(So far!)

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