Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another blog post titled "Alaskaaaa"

I have been backtracking my posts since Ezra's arrival! Surely someday I'll get caught up and be sharing real time events with you. You know, just in time for the next baby ;) 

After graduation (literally, right after! We flew out of Seattle with Stephen's family!) we went to Fairbanks for a week+! It was sorta crazy - packing for Seattle and Alaska, driving to Seattle, leaving a bunch of stuff in our car, flying to Alaska, getting back to Boise separately and immediately start packing up for the move... We are so happy we were able to get that time with Stephen's family, though! It was worth the added "ahhhh!"s of stress I went through when planning it all! So here it is! A smattering of (mostly phone) pictures of our time in Alaska! Hooray for visiting in 24 hours of sunshine! 

 ^^ An afternoon at the beach! A beach in Fairbanks? Who knew?! So happy for that little get away spot, though - Uriah could throw rocks in the water and play in the sand for days! ^^
^^ Auntie Stephanie holding Ezra for the first time! ^^
 ^^ A lot of people headed off somewhere tropical after graduation, went on more of a vacation than just off to visit family. And while parts of me were jealous of the weather or the alone time they got, really, I wouldn't have done anything different with our time. Family is everything to us and we got lots of time just the four of us, just the two (ok three) of us and the whole gang (because who knows how long it will be before we can see them again!) ^^
 ^^ An outing to the Botanical Gardens with cousin Triston and Baba! These two played so well together! I love watching Uriah play with Harper (living in Idaho the last two years, he's gotten to see her lots!), but it sure was fun to see him playing with all his BOY cousins! ^^
 ^^ Lunch at McDonald's, because we're classy like that ;) ^^
 ^^ Miss Ezra Lee at two months old! ^^
 ^^ A walk around the Walls' just me and my babies - a breath of fresh air in more than one sense. Also, that last picture? My life summed up in one little square! ^^
 ^^ Bed head, bathroom selfies and smooshy cheeks! Does it get any better?! ^^
 ^^ An Alaska Land date with the Sanders family! I'm thinking a couple arranged marriages are in order here... ^^
 ^^ Like father, like son! ^^
^^ Uriah got to go on a fishing date with Pa and daddy! It was his first time, and they unfortunately didn't catch anything, but gosh, doesn't he look cute! ^^
 ^^ Baby wearing all day, every day! ^^
^^ Sibling (plus Ezra!) date night! Mini golf at Alaska Land before long boarding to the brewery for drinks! ^^
 ^^ You guys! I'm a doctor's wife...! ^^
^^ Dinner at Aaron and Rosie's and some picturing taking with this sweet sister of mine! ^^
 ^^ Another outing to Tanana Lakes. I am the luckiest! ^^
 ^^ We went (still are going) through a rough patch with Uriah. He had a baby sister, dealt a revolving door of visitors switching up his schedule, got potty trained, traveled to Seattle (the whole time asking if it was his "new house", and then traveled to Fairbanks all the while preparing for the move when we got back. It was a lot for me, I can't imagine what/how his little two year old brain was processing all that! Every once in a while, though, we'd get a moment like this - sweet, silly, innocent... Dare I say, perfect. ^^
 ^^ Three sons and five grandsons - Sherri's finally got her girl! ^^
 ^^ I'm so glad I found someone else who likes taking pictures as much as I do! ;) ^^
 ^^ My happy, happy Ezra! Always! ^^
 ^^ This kid has become an A+ air traveler! The second leg of our trip home was his 25th flight...! ^^
^^ I did it! Survived three hours in the airport with both babies, no stroller and no husband AND the actual flight home! It's less impressive when I say that flight was only an hour+ long, but still! Go me! ^^

Monday, July 13, 2015

That one time my husband graduated from MEDICAL SCHOOL!

Foreverrrr ago, we made the drive to Seattle for Stephen's final week of medical school and GRADUATION! It's all such a blur to me now, but I wanted these pictures recorded because it was truly one of the best, most momentous weekends we will ever experience. You guys, Stephen graduated from MEDICAL SCHOOL! I don't want to say "I can't believe it", because I totally can - Stephen is so smart, dedicated, passionate and determined, I never had any doubt that he couldn't do this, but still, I can't believe it!! Four years... Four years that dragged and yet flew by at the same time (time always seems to do that, no?). I was (am!) so, so proud of my husband. I cried during the speeches and bawled as he walked across the stage. I know how much time and effort he put into this. I know what he had to sacrifice. I know how hard he worked and how stressed he got. But he did it. We did it. And while this next part of our journey will be longer and harder, that in no way takes away from the accomplish of reaching this point. Congratulations, Dr. Stephen Wall, MD!

^^ Roadtrip! Ezra's first! It's just over eight hours to Seattle and it took us a little over ten - not too shabby! ^^
 ^^ Stephen had a pretty lax schedule the week we were in Seattle, so Uriah, Ezra and I spent our mornings outside at Greenlake and went back with Stephen after dinner. It will always be my favorite place in Seattle! ^^
 ^^ Thursday was a little hectic - we had to be out of one rental house, pick two people up from the airport (at different times), move into another rental house, my parents got in and we had a kitchen to fill with food! Still, plenty of time for play and snoozes! ^^
^^ The boys getting ready! ^^
^^ Ahhh! On our way! I sat in the back between two carseats, my mom was in the front, Stephen drove and my dad sat in the trunk handing out sandwiches! ^^
^^ Before the hood! Oh how much has changed since I stood with Stephen at his last graduation... ^^
 ^^ Waiting to go in - Just look at those baby blues!! ^^
 ^^ Looking for Stephen as the graduates enter the auditorium. I can't believe how big those boys are! They were four and six at our wedding...! ^^
^^ Waiting for the ceremony! Two sweet babies and two proud parents! ^^
^^ I was so worried about a three hour ceremony right in the middle of nap time, but once we saw daddy come in, he passed out on Papa's lap. We had to wake him up so he could see Stephen receive his hood...! He sat quietly and patiently with Papa through all the speeches after that. I was so pleased! ^^
^^ Dr. Stephen Lee Wall (!!!) Can you even believe it?! HE DID IT! WE did it! ^^
^^ Stephen by far had the biggest and loudest fan section! The two of us were so happy and honored that so many people came to celebrate this day with us! We felt so loved by you all - Thank you! ^^
^^ We met these friends before the first day of medical school even started and here we are four years and four babies later... (I'm actually tearing up typing this!) The Head family has meant so much to us and we are eternally grateful for their friendship! ^^
^^ You'd trust him with your care, right?! ;) ^^
 ^^ The after party included a lot of baby Ezra snuggles :) ^^
 ^^ And attention for this guy! He's so loved by our family and friends! ^^
 ^^ Cake! It was easily Uriah's favorite part of the day :) ^^
^^ The Wall brothers versus my dad, Keith and John ^^
^^ The aquarium! Uriah loved it all, of course, and was touching the sea anemones by the end of it!  (Sherri, Ezra and I were a little outnumbered over the weekend after my parents left - so many boys!) ^^
 ^^ This picture warms my heart so very much! These boys are Uriah's God siblings (is that a thing? - their parents are Uriah's God parents) The boys have wrestle time with Stephen every time we get together and this is them just carrying on the tradition (though I'm pretty sure Uriah started it!) ^^
^^ Sam, the baby whisperer! ^^
 ^^ A walk to Discovery Park! ^^
^^ Another Greenlake park date! Including Starbucks and game of soccer ^^
 ^^ Uriah and his cousin, James, tackling Catherine (his second cousin). I don't think she knew what was coming! ^^
^^ Chase! All. Day. Long...! ^^
 ^^ Impossible to believe these two have three grown sons and six grandkids! This looks like a picture of siblings! ^^
 ^^ A tour of UW! This part of the weekend I had to miss out on (along with a few others) due to babies and nap time. Sometimes being mom means missing some of the fun. Loved having these pictures from Sheila, though! ^^
 ^^ My heart could burst! I met Carson when he was just Uriah's age and now look at them...! I am so happy that my babies get to grow up with such great friends and examples! ^^
 ^^ Aunt Sheila and Uncle Lew treated us to an evening at The Four Seasons, pool and fire side. All you can eat blueberries, twisty straws and ice cream (yes, the way to his heart is through is stomach!), Uriah was in heaven! ^^
 ^^ My baby boy...! ^^
^^ A quick goodbye the day we flew out for Alaska (something else I had to miss out on!) ^^