Wednesday, July 1, 2015

three months

In true second child fashion, another belated monthly update!

Size: At three months old, Ezra is in 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers. No one believes that the baby in my arms is just three months old! - She is taking after her brother and growing like a weed!

Eat: Exclusively breast fed and putting on the pounds! (Cue all the heart eyes for those rolls I've made!)

Sleep: Ezra has continued to sleep through the night, going to bed around 9 and waking up around 7. Just after moving and turning three months (because this update is a few weeks late!) she started waking up once a night, again. Morning, technically - she's been waking up at 5:30 like clockwork. I think it's because she's gassy, but I end up nursing her to get to back to sleep quickly (trying to catch a little more shut eye before her brother wakes up at 6 o'clock sharp!) She goes back down until 8, though, so really, it's not so bad! She is taking three, one hour long naps a day with one two hour nap in the afternoon. She is such an easy baby to put down! Usually, she'll nurse to sleep - even though every sleep training book I've read says not to, I have done it with both my babies and will continue to do so! But during her day naps I can lay her in her rocker or on her playmat and a few minutes later, she's out! The move has really thrown Uriah off and he's required much more of my time and attention, leaving less for miss Ezra. So the putting herself to sleep thing has been a little bit of a necessity, sadly. It's such a sweet site to see, though, walking into the living room after "dealing with" her brother, to see her laying down, arms spread, passed out. I don't know what I did to deserve such a sweet soul!

Movement: Ezra rolls! She rolled over for the first time just before we moved (6/17) from her back to her belly. She didn't do it again until a few days ago (so it technically shouldn't be included in her three month update!). On Monday morning (6/29) she rolled from her back to belly again, and then her belly to back! She's done it a few more times, since. She is always kicking and moving those arms, too. Her control is getting better and she can quite often intentionally reach a toy, though there's still a lot of concentration and error. She is always crunching her stomach - she loves sitting up! Her big 'ol head is still a little heavy for her sometimes, so she's not quite Bumbo age, yet, but that's where she'd prefer to be! She loves standing in our laps, too, always trying to straighten her legs and put her weight on them.

Likes: Still, her favorite thing is attention - anyone looking at her, smiling at her, talking to her... She especially loves her brother's voice and could contently watch him play and listen to him talk and sing as long as her appetite will allow. She is all smiles and babbles when getting loved on and is so close to laughing! She loves being outside - on a blanket, by the pool, in the carrier on a walk... I don't think she has a preference! She likes the water, being worn, laying on her playmat, her binki, being swaddled and noises like the vacuum cleaner.

Dislikes: This list is staying pretty short. Once she's hungry, she's hungry and she doesn't like to wait for her meal, and once she gets tired, she'd really like to be sleeping, but honestly, other than that, she's such an easy going baby! Those two things are easy fixes and there's not much else she'll cry over. She doesn't mind getting her diaper changed or getting dressed, she likes her carseat and being on her tummy... I can only handle one difficult, unhappy baby at a time, so I'm so grateful she's been so good to me!

It has been such a dreamy three months, miss Ezra Lee! Thanks for all the smiles, love and laughter! We have been so blessed by you and you are so very loved!

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