Thursday, June 11, 2015

life, as of late, via my iPhone. aka, pictures from my phone since Ezra's been born. aka, a very large, random photo dump.

^^ A walk to visit Nana and Papa! She has spent a lot of time in that wrap since she's been born! And I didn't waste any time getting up and about and out of the house! She's just a few days old in these pictures! ^^

 ^^ That newborn stage seems so long ago, now! ^^

^^ Trying to make sure we each got some Uriah time in those first few weeks with Ezra being home. It was a hard adjustment for him, sometimes it still is, but he took it like a champ! ^^

^^ One of the first times I was left alone with both babies was one of the first times Uriah asked to hold Ezra all on his own. My heart melted! ^^ 

^^ When we officially decided she looks like her daddy! ^^

 ^^ How cool are my kids?! We stopped by an Easter bazaar one Saturday afternoon and Uriah won these sunglasses playing games. He also won the cross stamp that soon made its appearance all over his body ;) ^^

 ^^ For awhile, there, my Instagram was nothing but Ezra dressed up laying on a blanket. But came you blame me?! ^^

 ^^ All four Ryan grand babies! Harper (3), Uriah (2), Remi (1), Ezra (brand new!) ^^

 ^^ This is sadly the only picture I have to prove that my best friend, Erica, and her husband, Ryan, drove all the way to Boise to see us and meet Ezra before we move! How incredible are they?! We were so thrilled to have them in town for a weekend, even if we were still in the newborn haze of things and didn't do much other than stare at babies and play at the park. We are truly, truly blessed by their friendship! ^^

^^ In those first few weeks after Ezra's arrival, Stephen would go upstairs to get Uriah when he woke up, and not too long later, after Ezra was up and fed and changed, he would come into the room with books to read to the two of us. How sweet is that, right?! Ezra's "newness" has worn off, now, and he doesn't do this anymore! Haha! ^^

^^ My dad paid us one more visit after Ezra was born and Uriah got to spend the weekend playing outside with Papa! ^^

^^ Park dates - Uriah's love language! ^^

^^ My first solo trip to the grocery store! I showered, no one was wearing pajamas, no one cried, we successfully put food in our fridge and have a self timer picture to prove it! ^^ 

^^ Surprise visit from the Hunt girls! Uriah is always happy to spend time with Harper and I love watching them become best friends! ^^ 

^^ Judging by the middle picture, I shouldn't at all be surprised that after I snapped the one on the right, he leaned in for a kiss! ^^ 

 ^^ An evening by the water with friends! ^^

 ^^ Ezra's dedication day at our church home! ^^

^^ All the heart eyes for my two babies! Even when Uriah gives me fake, cheesy smiles! [Ezra's wrap c/o Rylee Marie Boutique] ^^ 

 ^^ Since Ezra's arrival, and the end of Stephen's school year, Uriah has gotten a lot of father, son dates with Stephen. I don't know which one of them is happier about it! ^^

 ^^ While Stephen and Uriah went camping with my dad, my mom came to Boise for a girls weekend! We shopped and lunched and talked filled our nights with chick flicks - Just what I needed! [Ezra's bows c/o El and El] ^^

^^ He is so very much still my baby boy, now and forever. ^^

^^ [Ezra's bow c/o El and El]

^^ One of the things I wanted to do before leaving Boise was take Uriah to the Discovery Center. I used to go there as a kid on field trips and a lot of the exhibits I remember are still there! He loved it (as did Stephen!) and it was so fun watching him learn and play! ^^ 

^^ Picnic dinners in the yard with sidewalk chalk. IDEAL. ^^

^^ In homeschool, Stephen had "fire time". In our house, we have "water time". (I'm not as brave as my mother-in law!) ^^ 

^^ Family selfies in bed! I can't believe this is really my life! ^^ 

^^ I am going to be in trouble with this one! ^^ 

^^ [Ezra's bow c/o El and El] ^^

^^ A family walk to the top of Camelsback! ^^ 

^^ In brother's old jammies on brother's old play mat! Happy, happy girl! ^^ 

^^ Uriah's surprise pancake from dad, The Hulk! Uriah's (current) favorite superhero. If you ask him, he's the Hulk and dad is Iron Man ^^

^^ Weekly trips to the doughnut shop! ^^ 

^^ You guys! I made that! ^^ 

 ^^ The girl loves spending time outside! So lucky to be moving to California where we can do this all year round! [Ezra's bow c/o Little Poppy Co.] ^^

 ^^ Our second to last Sunday at Revolution 22! We sure are going to miss it! ^^

^^ Someone learned how to take selfies! Look at those cheeks...! ^^


  1. Love all of these! You and those sweet babies look like you're doing great! When is your big move?

    1. Well this reply is belated... We moved! Haha! Thank you! We ARE doing great! Though the move has been hard on us all, it's been good :)

  2. What sweet photos! Your little ones are so cute!

    1. Thank you! I wish I was better about using my actual camera, but iPhone snaps will have to do ;)