Monday, June 1, 2015


All week leading up to Uriah's first camping trip with Stephen and my dad we would ask Uriah, "what are you going to do this weekend?" and every time he would reply with, "camping, daddy, papa. BOY TIME!" I was bummed to miss out on his first camping adventure, but more excited that he got to get so much quality time with Stephen and his Papa - my three favorite guys all together for the weekend...sorta made my heart explode!

It was evident that Uriah needed some time away from his sister - while he's always so sweet with her and never voices his complaints, I could tell her presence (and all the attention she requires) was starting to wear on him - so the trip opportunity came at the perfect time.

While it wasn't quite the same celebration other students were experiencing for their last day of medical school (!!!), Stephen left town with Uriah on Friday and met my dad at Red Fish Lake by late afternoon. From the looks of it, they had some beautiful weather and lots of fun! And that view...! We were a little worried about how nap and bedtime would go because Uriah has never shared a sleeping space very well, but with the exception of some sleep talking (who knew!) it all went surprisingly well.

Uriah was perfectly content to sit by the water and continually throw rocks into the lake for hours, days if they let him, I'm sure! Every two year old boy's ideal activity. They were able to tear him away from the water long enough for a hike, plenty of games of chase and a campfire (another aspect of camping Uriah still talks about!)

Stephen and my dad (maybe it's just guys in general) aren't usually the best at snapping pictures and documenting their adventures, so I was pleasantly surprised when my dad emailed me most of the ones above (he even took out the big camera!) and Stephen had plenty to steal from his phone, too. So, thanks guys! For the pictures, but for also taking my boy on his first camping trip and making it such a memorable one for him. Thanks, too, for the girls weekend in Boise! Ice cream, cereal, chick flicks, shopping... I don't know who had the better time ;)


  1. Oh man..... Little boys camping is about the cutest thing ever. We are about to head to our annual camping trip in a few weeks and it'll be grants first real camping trip. So excited.

    1. It was all right up Uriah's alley! He is in HEAVEN outside! I was sad I missed it, but it wouldn't have been the same for him with mom and baby sister there. Enjoy your trip!!