Friday, May 15, 2015

backtracking - a visit from the in-laws

What seems like forever ago now, when Ezra was just two weeks old, Stephen's parents came to town to meet their first granddaughter (of (almost!) six grandkids!) and love on Uriah. Oh, and Stephen and I were there, too, but no one cares about us now that we have kids ;) They did our dishes and bought us food and made us dinner and cleaned our house and played with Uriah and answered his endless questions and gushed over our babies... Their trip was so very appreciated! We don't get to see them as often as we'd like, and it's usually when we make our way up to Alaska, so having them in Boise to show around was extra nice. We made a trip to the zoo, many trips to the park, went for a "hike", celebrated 'ice cream Thursday' and meandered downtown, had a few yummy barbecues and did an awful lot of baby lovin'. I'm not as good at whipping out my camera as I'd like to be, so most of the pictures below are from my mother-in-law's iPhone, and there never seem to be enough pictures or ones that truly represent how loved they are (and how loved we are by them!) and how fun and appreciated their trip was, but, you get the idea... 

Thank you for coming, Jeff and Sherri! Thank yo for loving us and our babies so well! Happy our goodbye wasn't too hard - one more week and we'll be together again!

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