Friday, May 1, 2015

a trip to the zoo

What seems like forever ago now, when my parents were in town shortly after Ezra's arrival, they took Uriah to the zoo for the morning for some one on one attention away from baby sister (and so mom and dad could sleep!) There is no other point to this post other than to share the pictures my mom took that day because I want to remember Uriah exactly as he is at this age - so handsome, independent, curious, sweet and fun. Two, my friends, is not so terrible.

Thanks for being the best Nana and Papa to my littles, mom and dad! I love how loved they are.


  1. Love the photos, Allison... so good! What a fun day!

  2. Oh my! Stunning photos!! And aren't grandparents the BEST at helping the oldest feel loved during all the transition?

  3. I love the photos so so so much. BEAUTIFUL. What kind of camera/lens was used if you know? SO AMAZING. :)

    1. Thank you! My mom sure knows what she's doing! I asked, and in these pictures she was using her Nikon D750 camera with her 50mm 1.4 lens (I have no idea what any of the means! Haha!)