Monday, June 8, 2015

two months

I know that last one is blurry, but I just couldn't resist sharing! Even through the blur you can see what a joy she is! I can't get enough of that smile! She is so close to laughing! [Ezra's bow c/o El and El]

Size: Ezra is 14 pounds, 3 ounces, in the 89 percentile for weight and is 24 inches tall, in the 89 percentile for height. She is wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes, though I’ve recently had to put a few favorite outfits in storage because they’re too small now. Cue the ugly cry! She’s getting so big, so fast! Too big, too fast! Everyone who knows her keeps telling me how big she is and everyone who’s just meeting her always guesses that she’s older than she is. How?! When?! Where is my teeny newborn?! Don’t take this as complaining, though. It just keeps getting better!

Sleep: Ezra is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Now, please don’t hate me, because I know how frustrating it is to hear that other people’s babies are sleeping through the night when yours isn’t. I paid my dues with Uriah who didn’t sleep through the night until he was eight months old (we’re talking 2-5 times a night, people!) and then not consistently until he was fifteen months old. So I earned this, ok?! ;) We had a really long day while away in Seattle, and after we’d gotten both the kids to bed and Stephen and I snuggled up, exhausted, I laughed and said, “maybe tonight she’ll sleep through the night”, in desperate hope that I could get more than five hours of sleep. The next time I woke up the sun was shining and it was 6:30 and my baby was still sleeping! And, ever since, through Seattle and Fairbanks to home again, she’s been sleeping through the night! She goes down around 9:30, 10 and gets up around 6:30. I can’t believe it! And am honestly trying not to get too attached to the idea because the move and a new bed and a new roommate and the supposed four month sleep regression are all right around the corner, but for now? Oh man is it nice! She’s taking three to four naps a day, now, usually an hour each with a longer afternoon nap when Uriah goes down. I’ve fought for a shared naptime since she came home from the hospital and it has so been worth the effort to align their schedules!

Eat: The girl can eat! As you can tell! (All the heart eyes for those thighs, am I right?!) I am so very proud of every ounce of those rolls I’ve made! Bread and chocolate are (apparently) key to chubby babies! Who knew?! ;) Ezra’s still exclusively nursing, and though at some point I’ll probably introduce a bottle of breast milk, that hasn’t been done yet. She eats every two to three hours, now, and it’s been a little bit of an adjustment (on my part) to the longer feeding stretches. I was so used to the every one to two hour schedule that I kept assuming she’d need to eat again and would feed her before she was hungry (maybe that’s where the rolls came from?) so she’d only eat for a few minutes, or I’d assume she’d need to eat soon but someone would be able to entertain her or get her to sleep for another hour before it was apparent it was actually lunch time. We’ve adjusted, though, and it’s nice to not be in such high demand, now. It’s easier for others to spend time with her and for me to spend time with Uriah now that’s she’s out of the newborn stage, which is really bitter sweet.

Likes: Ezra LOVES attention. Maybe it’s a second child thing – she doesn’t get it as much so she thoroughly enjoys and appreciates it when she does…? She will smile and “coo” and “goo” at you for hours if you let her. She is such a happy baby when people are around and she can hear them talking and laughing. And when she gets someone in her field of vision..?! Oh man does she light up! Particularly for her brother, which melts my heart into a puddle on the floor! She is always smiling at his voice and searching for him around the room with her eyes and neck. She also loves being outside – the sun and the breeze – I think she’ll be pleased with California! She loves being worn in the wrap and Ergo, and I am still just as big a fan of baby wearing as I was in the beginning. She likes her bum patted when she’s being held - likes her binki and being swaddled (though she’s getting so strong her swaddling days may be numbered!). She likes lying on her play mat - moving her arms and kicking her legs and babbling to the stuffed animals. She likes music and the singing that comes from the three of us (which makes me question her taste ;)) She likes her car seat (thank goodness!) and did great on our road trip to Seattle.

Dislikes: Ezra’s not a huge fan of tummy time, which is probably why she’s got a pretty little flat head ;) but her neck strength is getting so impressive! Her gestational upset has gotten better and it doesn’t seem to bother her so much anymore, thank goodness! She’s not always a fan of getting dressed or getting her diaper changed, but unless she’s hungry or overly tired she takes it like a champ. For the most part, she’s a very happy, easy-going baby. You’ll only hear her cry when she’s reached the point of “starving” or “I should have been sleeping ten minutes ago”. How lucky am I?!

Thanks for being such an angel baby, Ezra! You sure are loved! 

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