Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

This one's for my daddy.
Who (apparently) follows my blog.
While on the phone with him the other night,
he requested a new post.
So here it is.
(Hi daddy!)

Stephen was in Alaska for a week
before I came up and he was in
charge of finding us a car and a home.
We love Myrtle :)
And it's the cutest home EVER!
Because it's OUR home!
Ten minutes to school, ten minutes to work.
(Anchorage is huge and so spread out!)
It's perfect.

From the front door looking to the left
Trevor and Carson's art work :)
My most favorite thing we have hanging in our house!
View from the front door looking straight
...into my kitchen!
(I love my kitchen!)
Kitchen from the living room
Really though, I love my kitchen ;)
The island
And the wall I still have to fill with pictures!
Our living room!
Slash Stephen's desk and dining room ;)
And our way sexy couch we don't have a slip cover for yet!

Wedding wall of fame!
That quilt and throw pillow we
bought for our living room,
but we have yet to get a quilt for the bed.
Picture headboard!
Itty bitty dresser :)

We're still waiting on a box of frames, games, books, and towels.
Can't wait to finish filling my walls
and bookshelf with pictures and arts and crafts!
Can't wait for that slip cover, either! ;)


  1. Im proud of you for sticking with your blog!! Its so cute! Teach me how and maybe I will stick to mine :) Miss you! XO

  2. You Dad does love you! And he does follow your blog! :) You guys are so lucky you have the best parents! :) Your blog is absolutley darling!!!!!

  3. We ARE lucky! Sure do love them a lot! :) You've got yourself a pretty good set of parents, too, though ;)