Sunday, February 9, 2014


We're making plans over here! Stephen doesn't get a summer break this year (or ever again!) but he does get four weeks off for the month of March! Each rotation in third year is six weeks long, including their elective rotation, in which they get to choose a two or four week rotation in the field of their choice. We were hoping for a two week one in Boise, so we wouldn't have to travel and would then get four weeks off... Well, we got half our wish! Stephen did get into a two week rotation at the beginning of the six week rotation (is this even making sense?!) but there were none available in Boise. So! Next weekend we're driving down to Pocatello, so I can move in with my parents for two weeks and send Stephen off to Billings, Montana for two weeks of anesthesiology. I would love to go with him, but they don't offer family housing and I reeeeally doubt the other medical students he'll be living with will want a baby in their house interrupting their studying. It came at good timing, though. My mom just had knee surgery and my sister is most likely (slash hopefully) having her baby early, so I'll be around to help! Two weeks will be the longest we've been apart since we were dating long distance and the longest Stephen will ever have been away from Uriah, so it won't be easy. But! We have four weeks after to spend together, away from hospitals and books and studying! A whole month of Stephen?! I can't wait! 

After Pocatello/Montana we are driving over to Oregon. First, to spend some time in Corvallis with the Winder family (Uriah's God parents) and then to Portland to spend some time visiting our friends! Which will conclude our first week of March! We'll be back in Boise for a little over a week (maybe making a trip down to Pocatello if Ashley's sweet baby girl doesn't show up while I'm there before!) to spend time together, playing outside, exploring Boise... And then it's off to Alabama! Stephen's grandparents and aunt and uncle live in Alabama and we haven't seen them since I was first pregnant, in the summer of 2012. Stephen used to travel down there every year for his spring break during college, and I've been able to go twice, now! I'm so excited for them to all meet Uriah and to spend some time at their Florida condo! Sunshine, warm weather, the ocean, amazing company... I can't wait to experience it all through Uriah's eyes this time! We get back just before Stephen's birthday and will have a few days here to unwind and celebrate before he starts his next rotation at the start of April. 

It's going to be a busy month, but we're so excited to get to see so many of our family and friends! I'm praying that Uriah handles the traveling like a champ and his sleep schedule isn't thrown off too much (we just got him sleeping through the night!) We shall see! 

And now for some completely unrelated pictures we took while playing outside the week of Uriah's birthday...

^^ So I know this probably doesn't melt your heart, but man does this sight get my cheek bones hurting! (and my uterus pounding!) ^^ 
^^ Uriah was not amused. ^^
^^ Jessica Adelman would shoot me for all the fashion don'ts I am wearing - horizontal stripes, brown and black and navy blue. Oops! ^^ 


  1. Love your pictures & your blog!!! And I don't think those are fashion don'ts at all!! :)

    1. Aw, thank you! One of my good friends in college hated that combination, it was her biggest pet peeve! But it's all my closet seems to consist of...!

  2. Your little boy is so adorable, he always looks so happy!

    1. Thank you! And he is! ...For the most part ;)