Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm a mom... I get to be a mom... Uriah's mom. I am so lucky, so very blessed, and am so grateful for the opportunity to mother this sweet baby boy of mine. I've always wanted to be a mom (a desire that grew immensely the day I knew I would be a mom to Stephen's babies). I think my mother, my amazing mother, and my indescribable relationship with her is what lead me to know I wanted, and needed, to fill the momma role. There had been a hole in my heart for years, one that no friend nor family member nor Stephen nor even God could fill. But now, just as I hoped and dreamed and waited, that hole is full, taken up by pudgy thighs and baby smiles and beautiful blue eyes and dirty diapers and late nights and cuddle time... That hole is full, and overflowing. Thank you for letting me be your mother, Uriah; thank you for making me a mother, Stephen. This is my dream job and the highlight to my every day. I am so happy and blessed and thankful and so very in love with my men and my life as a mom. Happy Mother's Day to me... What an honor.

Also, a Happy Mother's Day to my incredible mother - my best friend and biggest fan. I love you and appreciate you so very much! You are truly thee most beautiful person in my life, inside and out. To my mother-in-law, who welcomed me into her family with open and loving arms - thank you for raising such an incredible son to be my husband. To my sister and sister-in-laws who are raising my smart and adorable niece and nephews - I am so happy I have you guys to share in this motherhood journey with! To my aunts, grandparents, cousins, and friends - you are all beautiful and wonderful mothers and your families are lucky to have you!

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  1. such a beautiful post! happy belated mothers day to you as well. your little boy Uriah is so adorable!

    andrea brionne