Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Oh hello, my three month old baby boy! Three months... Ahh! :) I feel like he changed drastically and fast in the first two months and since, we're just making small victories over here. Small, but good and perfect and wonderful... because I am a mother in love and everything he does it truly perfect ;)

This little one is all smiles, all the time. Except when he's crying ;) Which, truthfully, isn't too often. He's pretty good at keeping a schedule during the day and it's getting easier to plan outings with him in tow. I'm learning to go more with the flow, all while trying to get him on a schedule... Does that even make sense? Well, it's working for us! He's still at one to two night time feedings and we start our mornings pretty early, but the second feeding is slowing getting weaned out and he takes two long and good morning naps so I get plenty of chances to catch up on sleep or my to-do list. He's down to 8 or 9 feedings a day which still takes up a lot of time, but it sure beats 11! Though it is obvious he doesn't need to be eating so much ;) I do love that chub!

He is so close to laughing! I can't wait to hear those sweet giggles! I love watching him smile and react to Stephen and I. He squeals and squeaks and babbles constantly, still. Maybe just as much to the toys on his play mat as he does to the two of us.

He definitely knows who I am now. Which I love! ...and hate. He watches me walk out of the room and before I can make it to the bathroom he starts fussing, only to cease when I walk back in. While Stephen can soothe him and put him to sleep, my smell and my voice can do it a lot faster. And he's not too keen on other people holding him or playing with him if I am still in view. So as much as I love being loved and needed, a little separation would be ok with me, too. Just a little ;)

He is in size 2 diapers, now, and most likely will be for a while. He's still in 0-3 month clothing, but only just! In the next week I'm sure I'll start to add some larger sizes to his wardrobe, though I'll probably put it off as long as I can because that means he's getting bigger and older and that just makes me sad!

He can hold his head up until he gets tired, and then starts to resemble a bobble head doll. Can you blame him? It's hard work! ;) He's getting more and more interested in rolling over - his body is slowly starting to follow as his eyes wander - but we're not quite there yet.

We are at a very fun stage, though. Everything is new and exciting to him and he's changing and learning so much... But still so small and cuddly and not mobile! All too soon he will be running away from me! I think I'll enjoy all the snuggles I can get until then :)

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