Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ode to idaho

Mom: "Wanna fly home this week?"
Allison: "Ha! Yeah! Sure! See you in a couple days, mom!"
Mom: "Ok! Does Wednesday sound good?"
Allison: "Uh... Are you serious?"
Mom: "Yes!"
Allison: "Well... Ok!"

I'm not the greatest when it comes to being spontaneous. I like my spontaneity carefully planned. But when my mom called and said she received an offer for cheap plane tickets... Well, she's very convincing! She called on Monday and I was on the plane Wednesday morning! Stephen was busy studying for tests and I wanted to see my family as bad as they wanted to see Uriah (no one cares about Stephen and I anymore, it's all about the little one). So, off I went!

We did a lot of sitting around staring at Uriah and Harper, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. That little girl is growing up too fast! Though she's still so tiny (just 4 pounds more than Uriah!) she is so smart! Always babbling and running around, showing off her tricks ("Show me your muscles, Harper!", "Harper, do ballet!"...) She knows just about every animal sound, sign language, MY NAME...! I couldn't love her more... Nor could she love Uriah more! Always wanting to kiss him and hold him and "give him loves". He's here "bebe" and he loves her right back!

I loved getting to show off Uriah, too. He was the best little traveler and so smiley all week! He got to meet his uncle Byron for the first time along with Jordan, our friends at my dad's office, his great grandparents, my cousin, Gail, and uncle Mark, and the Favillo girls! He was well loved ;)

I am so happy I was able to travel home to see my family. Though Stephen was deeply missed by us all, the opportunity came at a perfect time. Love you, Ryan family! Hope Italy is treating you well!

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