Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Four months big! And yes, just plain BIG! Uriah is 2' 2" tall, in the 85% for height, 18 lbs 5 oz, in the 91% for weight, and his head is 43 cm, in the 85% for head circumference. I am one proud momma! All the nurses and doctors, family and friends, can't get enough of those thighs! But can you blame them?! Look at 'em! I can (and do!) smooch them all day long.

In the last month, Uriah learned to roll from his belly to his back (5/13), he found his toes (5/25 - and constantly has them in his hands!), and learned to roll from his back to his belly (6/3 - and won't stop doing it!). He laughs now, but only at his daddy, which I know makes Stephen's day when he gets home from a long day studying and this little chub is happy, happy, happy to see him! And it is the sweetest, cutest little breathy laugh! Ahh it just melts my heart! He is still smiling, cooing, babbling, flailing, and kicking constantly - the doctor was genuinely surprised and impressed! He's got great control of his head and neck and is starting to bear a little bit of weight on those chunky legs of his! He's playing with his toys more and more, always grabbing things, shaking them, and putting them in his mouth. He's still solely breastfed and hasn't shown an interest in food...yet ;) He's eating 8-10 times a day - he was down to one night time feeding until our Alaska vacation and now we're back to 3...! The doctor gave me some advice and tips and rose my spirits and hopes at getting him back to his old schedule! Wish us luck!

Uriah is at such a fun age right now - exploring with his eyes, finding his voice, learning to be more mobile, interacting with people and toys... I love spending my days with this handsome boy!

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