Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mrs. Pflaum

To the other Allison in my life...

You were my dorm room rescue, my Grey's Anatomy introducer and marathon partner, my fake drunk friend, my sorority starter, my fellow FIJI groupie, my long distance summer pen pal, my secret keeper, my partner in crime, my best friend, my other half...

And today, you're getting married... YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED! This is the day we talked about and dreamed about - John is the man you talked about and dreamed about... And I get to be apart of watching you go from "my person", to his person. I am so blessed to be apart of your day - thank you!

You have always been the light in the dark, the smile that brightens the room, the humor in the awkward, and well, some of the time, just the awkward ;) You can make anyone smile and laugh and can turn any night into a fun one. You are beautiful, Allison. You are talented and smart and hilarious and genuine and loving... Wow, that man is a lucky one.

I wish I could say that my (almost) two years of marriage has given me all sorts of wisdom and advice I could pass on... It has not. This is what I have learned, though: Respect your husband, always, and show him or tell him daily - respect is to men what love is to women. Never speak ill of him to anyone, ever - ranting to a friend may be a stress reliever for you, but it is gossip and judgement to someone else. Make him food - this really needs no explanation. Tell your husband that you think he's sexy - one, because obviously, you do, and two, because us women aren't the only ones who need reassurance. Love your husband - when he is right and when he is wrong, which will probably be more often than he's willing to admit ;) Support him in his decisions and dreams - listen to him, genuinely, and lift him up. And lastly, say "yes" more often than you say "no".

Marriage has, thus far, been an incredible adventure. When they say "for better or worse", they mean it, because it will get worse. But it will also get twenty times better. So enjoy it - soak it up and bask in it! Have fun, learn from each other, share, laugh!

You're a WIFE! You have a husband! I am so happy for you, Allison! So very, very happy and excited  for the two of you and this life you are starting together. I cannot wait to see where this road takes you! Congratulations, Allison! I love you!

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