Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Lobdells

A short little post with nothing but grainy iPhone pictures to sum up our too quick weekend in Oregon for Erica's wedding... We landed Friday morning just in time for me to meet the bride and fellow bridesmaids for manicures and pedicures and a scrumptious lunch talking all things girly and wedding. That night we had a windy rehearsal before a beautiful rehearsal dinner, where my boys finally got to join in on the activities! ;) Stephen played the mostly single parent role all weekend and I am truly grateful that I was able to spend so much time with my best girls. We stayed up too late Friday night talking with our sweetest hosts, the Christensen family, watching Uriah get his second wind running around the living room. On Saturday morning, Melissa and I met the girls at Erica's for Starbucks and lots of "It's WEDDING DAY!" jumping and screaming before heading out to the wedding venue to set up (we're talking crazy beautiful flowers, guys!) We had a dance session in the powder room before doing hair and make up, watching the rain pour over the venue in heavy sheets...! But just minutes before we were about to start pictures, the clouds parted and the sun came out and it was like God was right there with us (also, a very similar experience to their engagement, which makes the rain and the sun all the more welcomed and special)

The ceremony went off without a hitch and it was truly the most beautiful and genuine ceremony. Our friends, John and Steff Winder, officiated the ceremony together and they did an incredible job. They brought me to tears and had me laughing, as did Erica's and Ryan's vows - one thing from our wedding that I would never, ever change, would be the fact that we wrote our own vows, I am so happy our friends chose to do the same. And then it was party time! The food was delicious and the dancing superb. Uriah was tired, but Stephen and I were able to get in some time on the dance floor and had plenty of opportunity to chat with our friends. We closed the place down and Uriah fell asleep in my arms as Erica and Ryan were running through sparklers. It was so exciting to watch them drive off! I am so genuinely happy for the two of them - they are such incredible people and so perfect together. I was so honored to be apart of the start to their happily ever after. Thank you for the incredible weekend! Until next time...

 ^^ A terribly poor quality photo from the rehearsal dinner, but the only one I took. A couple of beautiful brunettes I'm standing with, though, am I right?! ^^
 ^^ "WEDDING DAY!" Caravanning our way out to the wedding venue, Starbucks in hand, swapping stories and beaming with excitement ^^
 ^^ Rocks and rocks and rocks. These pictures are from Stephen, entertaining Uriah while I get in wedding/bridesmaid/girl time. I felt a little bad about leaving them all alone, but I don't think they minded ;) After his weekend with daddy, all Uriah wanted was Stephen! ^^
 ^^ As soon as Uriah saw me walking down the aisle, I heard him pout "momma! momma!" so Stephen spent the ceremony walking the venue grounds with this hunky chunk! ^^
^^ And a plethora of dinner table selfies because, why not?! ^^

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