Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the land of the midnight sun

 ^^ On our way! This kid is slowly becoming an airport/airplane champ. Our flights to and from Alabama in March were the furthest thing from smooth sailing, so Stephen and I were worried about the trek up to Alaska, but, much to our surprise, and with no help from medicine, Uriah slept on both flights there and back! Not the entire flights, but he was happy to look out the window or watch Frozen on my lap the rest of the time. I, on the other hand, am no traveling champ. Planes still make me sick and miserable and poor Stephen had to juggle a wiggly toddler and a green faced wife during each landing. You'd think by now I'd have it figured out... ^^

 ^^ Once we landed, we drove to Jon and Steph's for a quick visit before heading out to the Walls so Stephen and Jeff could make their way to the bear bait station. It was the last day of bear season, so Jeff was attempting one more time to get a bear. I didn't envy Stephen getting on another plane so late at night, but despite not getting a bear, they had a good time. And you wouldn't have guessed it from the picture, but it was at least ten o'clock at night! Really, the land of the midnight sun! ^^

 ^^ On the train at Alaska land! It is maybe the least exciting train ride you could ever go on, but the boys all loved it. Stephen and his brothers grew up going to that park, so I can imagine it's so fun for them and my in-laws to now see their grandsons playing there! ^^ 
^^ Couldn't resist this teal wall at Alaska Land. Picture, anyone!? These sweet cousins had a fun time getting reacquainted, Uriah trying so hard to keep up with Triston and Emmett! ^^ 
^^ On the right, Stephen and his best friend, Sam, with their little dudes. We're hoping Emmett is ok with letting Uriah date his little sister when they're older and best friends, too... Because it's the plan that Sam and his family are going to be our neighbors when all our moving is said and done. ^^

^^ Cutest cousins at Uncle Aaron and Aunt Rosie's barbecue! Four blondies under the age of two... Could it get any better?! They are a handful, but absolutely the sweetest! I love watching them play and interact, though Uriah can be quite the loner introvert and we did a lot of playing off by ourselves. I can't wait until they are all older and best friends at family reunions. Ok, well, I can wait, because I am in no hurry to see my little man grow up, but you know what I mean. ^^

^^ Selfies with Skylar because when you see a mirror and the babe in your arms is this cute, what else would you do?! ^^
^^ Puddle jumping in Jon and Steph's yard! Uriah didn't know what to think of his borrowed rain boots and couldn't seem to walk in them, but he loved the water (go figure!) and didn't mind one bit when he took a big caplunk into the mud. ^^

^^ Date night! Stephen said he felt like we were in high school - asking his dad if he could borrow his nice truck and picking Jon and Steph up so we could double (triple) together. Plus, no babies! So yeah, it kinda did feel like high school :) ^^
^^ Jon loves getting his picture taken. Can't you tell?! ;) ^^
^^ Dinner at Silver Gulch. I am so blessed that three years later, I am happily still dating my best friend. This guy knows how to love me best and I am so appreciative of him. ^^
^^ Love these siblings (and James!) of ours. We are so blessed to be friends with them and not "just related." I totally scored in the in-law department, guys. We are all so different, but get along so well and every time we're together, it's lots of laughter and fun and memories ^^
^^ Wall brothers. And on the right, the boys mimicking Uriah's buffalo. In one of his favorite Eric Carle books, it says that a buffalo raises it's shoulders, so when you ask Uriah "what does a buffalo do?", he'll raise his shoulders up until his neck disappears and it's sorta the cutest thing, ever. Though maybe not as cute on three grown men... ;) ^^

^^ Momma play date! (My friend, Bria, was visiting her family in Fairbanks, so it was fun/weird to see her in a different state!) ^^

^^ What trip to Fairbanks would be complete without four wheeler rides down to the river?! Uriah absolutely loved it and kept asking for "more" whenever Stephen turned it off. It is so fun to watch him get excited about new things! ^^
^^ Wall family fire down by the river! Stephen and Jon were being monkey, climbing up the trees, while the boys played in the canoe (which was not in the water - calm down, mom police). And then there were marshmallows and squirrel hunting and more four wheel rides and it was a pretty great night. ^^
^^ Messy feet! Only in Alaska... ^^

^^ Taking turns on the couch with our babes while the camera clicks - I think I have an identical picture from each trip to Fairbanks... But those boys! Right?! I can't get over the fact that there are four blondes under the age of two... I know, I've said it before! We are so blessed by our growing family and it was such a great trip (though much too short!) ^^

Up next, our 4th of July weekend on Harding Lake. Stay tuned! 


  1. Such beautiful pictures! And I love your cute polkadot pants! Loving the cute rainboots on the babies! How fun to have so many so close in age! What a perfect trip

    1. Thank you! It really was! I love getting those boys together! Can you imagine that troop when they're older...?! Haha! We're in for some serious trouble! And the pants, H&M! They were a $10 score!