Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've decided to do a post once a week of my slowly growing baby bump and the things that have been going on in our life in that week. Mostly this is just for my benefit; I want to be able to remember all the things we did and changes I went through, but feel free to follow along :)
And since it is my first week doing this, pardon the awful picture. Eventually I will actually hang the chalkboard sign and take the picture during the day with natural light, not in the night with the window closed and our overhead light that makes our yellow bedroom look green.

-In the past week we've arrived to Seattle (yay!) and moved into our home (yay!). Slowly but surely the decorations are making their way to the wall and the furniture is being assembled.
-Today is Stephen's first day of orientation and next Tuesday marks the first day of classes. We're both getting a little nervous about what this year will hold and how busy he'll be, but I am so proud of him making it this far and being so determined to see his dream through to the end. I know he'll do great :)
-We've been able to spend a lot of time with our good friends in the program this past week! They both have a little girl, Kate who is just two months old! It's been good to catch up with them and swap stories. It's awesome, too, that I have such a great support system just blocks away! Amanda and Whitney are both such good moms, they have a lot to teach me!
-The baby is stretching my pants to their limit (already!), mostly when I'm sitting down. I cried the other day when I couldn't button a pair of pants I hadn't worn all summer! It's sad and weird, but once I got past the initial sock, it's exciting! Tight pants means the baby is growing and that I am thankful for!
-I'm slowly starting to introduce ice cream back into my diet. (Because, yes, ice cream should be an entire food group). All through the summer it's made me sick! I thought pregnant women were supposed to crave ice cream?! A little bit at a time, I think the baby's starting to like it!
-Though my stomach is easier to please these days, I'm still exhausted. I could sleep in 'til nine in the mornings, take a two hour nap in the afternoon, and still be in bed by ten. I know I could because I have. I feel awfully lazy and I know slugging around the house isn't on the top of Stephen's to-do list, but growing a baby is hard work! Hopefully in the next few weeks my stamina picks back up in time to start working!
-Stephen's been a champ this whole summer, and especially moving in and getting settled this past week. Lifting all the heavy boxes and moving things here and there for me... He's constantly doing the dishes and the laundry, letting me take naps and relax instead... Walking to Safeway for a maple bar I decided I had to have... I know the roles will switch once he starts school and has to study 24/7, but in the meantime I am truly appreciative :)

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