Wednesday, August 1, 2012

baby you're a firework

I'm thinking that blogging about July 4th before August 4th isn't too bad, right? Stephen and I were in Fairbanks for the 4th of July, and though we've been around the United States since... I wanted to catch ya'll (yes, two and a half weeks in the South makes me want to say "ya'll") up on our adventures! Starting with one of my favorite holidays!

It was a red neck 4th of July for us! After a yummy barbecue/picnic/lunch/dinner at the Walls, us girls found ourselves on the porch, entertained with fireworks! Sorta... It's light 24 hours in the summer in Fairbanks, so you can't actually see fireworks. But you can see explosives. Gun powder, sparklers, electrical tape, guns, oil, fire... Good combination, right?

The boys had their fun while we chit chatted away, oogling over that cute nephew of mine...
I really will take any excuse to post a picture of him...

We all played games and talked, enjoying each other's company, knowing that at the end of the week we'd be leaving. It was my first 4th of July with the Wall family and my first 4th of July in Alaska. I'm so happy that we were able to be together on such a fun day! 

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