Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a baby bump

When we were in Idaho, Stephen and I convinced my mom to do a photo shoot with us (which wasn't a very difficult task) so we could have at least one good picture to announce my pregnancy with. Well, we got more than just one good picture... Thank you for helping us, mom and Ashley, and letting us steal your time! We loved the time we spent taking them with you and we love the pictures themselves!

I was actually only eleven weeks when we took these pictures! I was waiting to publicly announce it 'til I was thirteen weeks, because I knew I would have been able to tell the rest of our friends and family in person during our Oregon trip! That was an awesome thing about this summer... We got to see all our family and friends and tell them about the baby in person as I got further and further along. Everyone's reaction was different, but so fun to watch :) We're truly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives; everyone is so eager and willing to support us and help. In order to look thirteen weeks pregnant, though, I was stickin' it out a little, arching my back maybe more than normal ;) Looks about right, though! At fourteen weeks now I'm at that, "did she eat too much or could she be pregnant" stage. Half the time I really did eat too much, but the other half is all baby! It's weird, when you go to suck in your stomach and not everything goes in...! I don't mind one bit, though, that I can't keep all my pants buttoned when I'm sitting down (Ok, I minded a little at first. There might have been a tear or two shed). Knowing that at the end of all my headaches and stomach aches and dizzy spells and cramps and frequent trips to the bathroom is a baby...our baby... It all becomes worth it.

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