Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what we do best

To wrap up our two and a half weeks in the South... The day after we got back from the beach, Jeff and Sherri, Stephen's parents, flew down to hang out for a few days and do some birthday celebrating! We did a lot of relaxing and playing and talking, and judging by the last few posts, it's what we do best!

I got to practice my crochet skills and though I was improving, Stephen still beat me. And by beat me I mean he finished the course probably twice before I made it through half way. I know. I could say that I'm just that bad, but I'll say he's just that good, instead.

The following day we took the family back to Callaway Gardens to do the tree top adventure course! It's a system of zip lines and hanging branches and pallets with different difficulties that you have to make your way across about 35 feet in the air. Yes, you're harnessed in, but it's still pretty scary! Though the boys had no trouble making their way through the trees... Even Grandma and Grandpa did it! Impressive, right?! Catherine and I ran around on the ground watching them and cheering them on, being the photographers of the day.

And then... Yes! One adventure after another! We found ourselves at a beautiful lake house just outside of Auburn, Alabama. One of Lew's business partners has a house on Lake Harding that's bbq ready with boats, jet skis, lawn chairs, warm lake water, tubes... Needless to say, it was a fun day :) The boys, including the five year old twins, spent most of the day playing king of the trampoline tube. Stephen got to go wake boarding for the first time and got up on his second try! I hear Jeff didn't do so bad, either! I only managed to take a few pictures (shame on me) but it was a happy and fun, unforgettable day!

On our last full day we headed to Auburn in the morning with Jeff and Sherri to walk the campus and get some brunch (at yummy Panera!). We did some shopping on the University Ave. and got to catch up with an old friend of the families, someone I'd never met before! It was a little hotter walking around on the black pavement than we anticipated and we were sweatin' in our socks, so to speak, but it was a fun morning with Stephen's parents! I'm glad we got some alone time with them to catch up with each other before Stephen and I took off for the rest of the summer. We didn't realize at the start of summer that we'd get to spend so much time with them before we headed to Seattle, so we were really thankful for all the extra time :)

And just like that, with lots of hugs and kisses and 'thank yous' and 'I love yous', we headed to Idaho!

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