Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pocatello happenings

I warned you in the last post that I've been terrible at taking pictures this trip. But I promise you we've done more things than this blog post would suggest. Like going on walks with the pup, visiting the humane society, playing mini golf with an old friend from high school and her hubby, cooking and baking up a storm in mom's new kitchen, jeep rides around town... Though don't get me wrong, more than anything we've hung around in our pjs watching Friends and eating cereal. Truly, and maybe a little sadly, my favorite way to spend a day. In the mix we took a family trip to the Pocatello zoo. Why? Good question. My dad and Stephen had never been, and though it's a very sad and poor excuse for a zoo, it's just something you have to do at least once. So we went! And saw the bears and big cats, and birds, and goats, and elk, and buffalo... Yes, Pocatello thinks buffalo are zoo worthy. It was a fun day with my parents, though! A date that included Bagelry, of course :)  

We also built a fort! Per Stephen's request :) We pulled the mattress inside and included the tv, making it pretty awesome for a movie night! Harper even came over for a visit! Though she wasn't as big of a fan as Stephen... 

Of course, spending lots and lots of time with this happy little girl! I keep convincing Ashley to have date nights with her hubby just so I can get some alone time with her :) She's starting to reach for things and roll over, always blabbing and singing... Cute as can be! 

Stephen and I went on a bike ride through the cemetery (after another Bagelry picnic, of course). It's an odd place to spend your time, but it's one of my favorite places in Pocatello! It's covered with trees and perfect bike trails, with so many old, intricate, and interesting headstones. It was hot, but lots of fun! 

My mom took our pictures one night at sunset (I'm always asking her for photoshoots when we come to town). This is just a sneak peak but I love the pictures and am so happy we had her take them! One year into our marriage and it still looks like we love each other! ;) 

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  1. I love your blog! Nice job! What a cool couple. It looks to me like you two are doing so well! I remember the evening perfectly a year ago! Congratulations!
    Daren and Tammi Lindley