Monday, August 6, 2012

sand and sun

Our next stop in our never ending summer adventure was Florida! White sandy beaches and clear blue water awaited us in Panama City Beach where the Slavich family has a beautiful penthouse condo. I know...right?!

We spent a lot of time walking the shore and playing in the warm ocean water. (Did I just say warm ocean water? We're definitely not in Oregon anymore...) It was warm and sunny and perfect for the duration of our five day stay! Stephen and uncle Lew attended a medical conference over the last few days where Stephen got a glimpse of the continuing medical education classes he'll be required to take in the future. Though it's not my cup of tea, it sounds like he learned a lot and really enjoyed some of the seminars!

We had a blast going out to dinner, to the movies, an "art in the park" exhibit, on walks through towns and shops, and getting my but kicked in air hockey by my aunt Sheila ;) It was so fun to steal away to the condo for a few days of sand and sun! We're very thankful for the opportunity! And the chocolate chip pancakes every morning ;)

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