Wednesday, August 1, 2012

high-ho, high-ho, it's off to Alabama we go!

We were greeted at the airport with hugs and smiles from Uncle Lew, Grandma and our cousin Aleks. Tired and HOT we excitedly got in the car and headed to our new home for the next couple of weeks. We go to play with the kids, catch up with Aunt Sheila and get a tour of her incredibly beautiful and impressive rose garden, nap, and eat a yummy home cooked meal with the grandparents. We stayed up as late as we could (exhausted from the trip, not having slept for 36 hours) talking and headed off to bed.

Stephen would be going with Lew each day to the clinic to shadow, help when he could and learn all that Lew could teach him. He left before I got up each day and was home just in time for lunch! Uncle Lew sees about 50 patients a day...!!! Which makes him a very smart and talented cardiologist with an awesome schedule! That Monday we repeated Sunday's activities, lounging around until we found ourselves on Alabama time. But Tuesday brought a girls day, with Aleks ;), in Atlanta!

We toured the Swan House, a famous historic site just outside of downtown Atlanta, and the neighboring farm houses and slave quarters. I'm terrible with random facts so I can't remember how old the house was, but I do know that it was incredibly beautiful and stunning! It was a hot, hot day outside, but we had fun wandering around these old homes. It's always interesting to me to see how people used to live, all the dos and don'ts and quirks of the past, so different from where we are today!

I wish we would have been allowed to take pictures of the inside! We found ourselves asking the tour guide when we could move in! ...Seriously stunning! Somewhere in our day we ate lunch at the cutest carriage house, possibly the most "southern" place I've seen! Yummy famous chicken salad :) Apparently, the women in the south are judged on their chicken salad and sweet tea! ...Who knew! And after the Swan House adventures we made our way to the mall... of course ;)

The boys drove up after work and met us for a yummy dinner at Sheila's favorite steak house (why is it that I'm always talking about food...?) And that concluded our third day in Alabama!

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